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What is the Ghost Emoji?

ghost emoji
What Is The ghost emoji

Are you confused when someone sends you the ghost emoji? Please say yes because I don’t want to be the only one that doesn’t get it. I mean look at him, if he is, in fact, a male; he has a black eye so who did he tick off enough to get punched in the face? He is sticking his tongue out; is that supposed to be silly, playful, or rude? When I look at him I automatically wave my arms in the air and say “oooooh” but is that the correct response or am I just weird? Okay, I actually know the answer to that one. My children tell me often enough that I am weird. So…what is the ghost emoji?

All of those questions have sent me on a search, a quest of sorts, to discover his true meaning. So far Maggie Lange who wrote The Ghost Emoji is Perfect for has given me the most information. Ms. Lange believes “The ghost emoji is a perfect aspect of modern communication. He is perhaps the most multi-talented of commonly available pictograms. He is ambiguous with being evasive. His cartoon phantasm contains multitudes.”

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The first thing I realized was that the cute little emoji above is that he is the Apple version of the ghost emoji. I want to share the other variations that are available.

Ghost on Google Android O BetaGoogle Ghost is cheekier but has less of a backstory since he is missing the black eye, but the wink is very communicative.

Ghost on Samsung Galaxy S8 (April 2017)The Samsung ghost appears to be a smiley emoji that dressed up as a ghost for Halloween, so I would consider it to be a seasonal emoji.


Ghost on Facebook 2.1 The Facebook ghost is not scary or cheeky. It is benign.

Ghost on Twitter Twemoji 2.3
What is the ghost emoji?

With the Twitter ghost emoji, we see the black eye return. Completely understandable that he would have a black eye as Twitter is synonymous with celebrity feuds, and the bullying behaviours of the current POTUS.

So use the ghost emoji as you choose. The recipient may wonder if you are referring to Halloween or a fist fight you were in, or that you are trying to scare them. Just know that you may confuse them. According to Ms. Lange “The ghost emoji is a reflection of how you perceive your world, therefore the ghost emoji is only as scary as you want him to be.”

Now, that is as clear as mud.


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