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What is a Poltergeist?

what is a poltergeist

What is a poltergeist? According to the definition of a poltergeist is:

a ghost or spirit supposed to manifest its presence by noises, knocking, etc.

The origin of the word can be traced back to the German word of polter to make noise, knock, rattle + geist which means ghost. The word has been around since the 1840’s.

The British Dictionary definition makes mention of the noises but also the acts of mischief a poltergeist can do such as throwing furniture around. “In the native idiom of Northern England, such phenomenon likely would be credited to a boggart.” (2017,

Excuse me, but you seem to have a poltergeist 

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There are many stories out there about poltergeist activity. As Russ Hymas wrote in 2012 for his article called “Real Haunted Houses: Accidental Injuries Indoors” there was a case of a poltergeist residing in a family home in London, England between 1977-78. This case was partially witnessed by the Physicist, Vladistav Bukreev. It has been reported that Bukreev witnessed windows shattering, and showers of stones and bricks that would fall inside the home. Objects would fly through the air without the help of anyone. There were unexplained noises heard within the home and fluid, that looked like blood, would seep from the walls. The family members had bite and claw marks on their bodies and the daughters were lifted into the air by an unseen force. This was a brave family or perhaps a stubborn one as they resided in the home for almost a year before the poltergeist drove them to leave.

I am sure it is not news to hear that not everyone believes in poltergeists. William G. Roll, Ph.D. was an Oxford-educated parapsychologist who did a study regarding poltergeist and poltergeist activity. He concluded that perhaps “a possible explanation for poltergeist activity that focuses on the living witness- not the ghost- as the source of the psychokinetic energy.” (William G. Roll The Poltergeist)

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This is a theory that is held by not only Roll but also by other parapsychologists. This theory has at its core, and in layman terms, that poltergeist activity is caused by a human that resides in the home that is experiencing emotional turmoil. “Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis is the idea that the human mind might be actually causing the psychokinetic-like events to occur without the subject even knowing they might be the source of the activity.” (2012, Dorkenheimer, Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis (RSPK) as a theory for Poltergeist Activity. What’s your part in it?)

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It is difficult for me to believe that someone can allow their mind to bring fear, horror, and even physical pain to their family members without knowing they are doing so. If that is the true explanation for poltergeist activity it must be devastating to the person who caused the PK events. I am left wondering how the problem would be resolved? Intensive therapy?

I hope you enjoyed this article about “what is a poltergeist”. Let us know if you have had any such experiences and what your beliefs are.


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5 thoughts on “What is a Poltergeist?

  1. Ma. Luisa Pelaez

    This is scary. I don’t have third eye but some who visits in our ancestral house in the Philippines they said some spirits leave there. Even my eldest sister when we used to leave there shouted so loud when one time she suddenly woke up seeing a child looking at her. And there was an instance, she and her husband first time sleeping in the master bedroom which is second to the biggest room that normally no one sleeps shakedown their bed it was seems like an earth wake but only the bed is shaking. We tried to bless again the house by a priest… what happen? In the master bedroom in the altar there was a vase with water and flowers. After the blessing of the house the vase was on the floor and water was spill on the floor and the flowers was Shattered on the floor.
    That house is a big house we used to live there for so long but we never used all the spaces the 3 last rooms including the master bedroom which they if you don’t go to every part of your room some one will live there. I can’t stand being with those rooms because it is scary and I was having goosebumps. And by the way the location of that house was previously a cemetery during Spanish and American war in the Philippines.

    • Bill

      What a scary story. That must have been frightened as a child to be on that house. Thanks for sharing

  2. Ashlie

    Interesting. I am curious in learning more about the Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis… As a child I experienced many encounters with spirits, not too many of them were good encounters. I remember waking up one night to my 3 year old sister talking to someone in her room. I was always looking out for her and I had to go see what she was doing up in the middle of the night… When I went in there she told me she was talking to “PJ”- a spirit who was in our house that caused many troubles. I asked her what he was saying she she told me-
    “He told me to jump out the window”
    It was pretty freaky. PJ was always telling her to do things scary. My sister also drew on our walls of stick people killing each other and wrote the words Die/Kill/Death under them before she could even write!!!!!!!!! Also, one time he hit me in the back of the head while I was sitting on the couch in the living room….
    Needless to say, things were horrible in our house growing up during that time period. I dealt with a mom who suffers from severe bipolar disorder, clinical depression, and suicidal attempts. She was un-medicated at the time and I often wondered if she was possessed by one or more of the spirits in our house.

    • Bill

      Wow! You should write your stories and put them on my site. Those are amazing. I don’t hear too many stories that are actually true. Must have been very frightening as a kid. I have never seen one. I’m not sure how I would react. Hide under the bed? Probably. Thanks for sharing that

    • Bill

      Ashlie, I am so sorry to hear that you had a tough time when growing up. Dealing with the paranormal and a parent with a mental illness must have been challenging. I plan on doing more research in the future and will try to see if I can discover a link between the paranormal, possessions, and mental illness.Your sister was a lucky kid to have you looking out for her too. Keep in touch and take care.

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