What is a Medium?

As I have become more and more intrigued with the paranormal, and the supernatural I have found myself wondering what is a medium?

According to Rebecca Rosen, on Oprah.com mediums are psychics that use their psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present, and future events of a person.  They do so by tuning into the spirit energy around that person. Rebecca Rosen uses the “clairs” to communicate with the dead, with spirit guides, and with angels.


Clairaudience- to hear what spirits are communicating.

Clairvoyance- to see what spirits are communicating.

Claircognizance- to know what a spirit is communicating.

and Clairsentience- to feel what a spirit is communicating.

Mediums utilize these skills to communicate messages from the dead, or spirit guides, or angels want the “client” to learn. Often someone who seeks the assistance of a medium really needs to hear that their loved one is happy, and did not experience a painful death and that the dead wants the living to move on and enjoy the life they have left to live.

Maybe you have found this article because you are wondering if you are, in fact, a medium yourself. Amanda Linette Meder has compiled the following list of signs to help you determine if you have the “gift.”

21 signs you’re a medium

  1. You’ve always had an interest and belief in the paranormal
  2. You can walk into a room and feel pressure, heat, heaviness or emotions
  3. You recall seeing or sensing spirits as a child or know relatives or have
  4. You had an unexplained fear of the dark, either in childhood or now
  5. You have an active dream life, including vivid nightmares or lucid dreams
  6. You are woken up at night frequently and/or generally don’t sleep well
  7. You’ve had that weird, creepy feeling in old buildings, cemeteries, or in places of trauma
  8. You’ve seen things out of the corner of your eye: white smoke, sparkles, shadows, figures
  9. Someone close to you has died, and you’ve been experiencing a lot of odd things
  10. You hear voices and have convinced yourself it’s nagging thoughts, overactive imagination, or things you just made up
  11. You’ve pretended conversations with animals: cats, dogs, wildlife
  12. You’ve been getting bad anxiety from out of nowhere, having a hard time breathing
  13. You hear strange noises other rooms when no one else is there or home
  14. You don’t like to be alone especially at night
  15. You’ve felt watched
  16. You, or someone you’re related to, has pointed out spirits or paranormal experiences they’ve had
  17. You’ve had paranormal experiences yourself that you can’t entirely explain
  18. Electronics, appliances, lights, and TVs all tend to go out or flicker around you
  19. You have a habit of delivering spirit smack-downs: profound lengthy manifestos to others, then after the words leave your mouth, you have no idea where the information came from
  20. You’ve developed a nervous twitch and it’s been getting worse
  21. You’ve taken prescription pills, drugs, or alcohol to avoid any of the above

I, myself, have experienced some of the above signs, but I have a friend who I think may experience all of them.  Time for an interesting conversation perhaps.

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Famous Mediums

Some famous mediums you may have heard of or may want to research are:

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Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium is the name of her television show, and she is known for her invigorating laughter, her blond hair, long fingernails, cassette tape recorder, and high heels.  Theresa is quite a likeable woman, and I enjoy her show.

Allison DuBois is the real-life medium that the television show Medium was based onAllison is most well known for “seeing” crimes in her mind and assisting the Police to solve those crimes. My wife and I used to watch the show, and we always felt sad for Allison’s husband, since her visions would come to her when she was asleep and she would then undoubtedly wake her husband up.  Poor fellow, I wonder if he ever gets a full nights sleep?

Chip Coffey has been featured on the television shows Paranormal State, Psychic Kids, and Kindred Spirits. Chip has a wonderful personality and an empathetic heart.  He also participates in conventions, talks, and paranormal travels to mysterious, or haunted locales that regular curious folks (like me) can join in on.  I would love to meet Chip at some point in the future.

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pinterest.com John with Leah Remini

John Edward is a world-renowned medium and author. John has been on many television programs and had his own called Crossing Over for some time. John can now be found on his website JohnEdward.net where he has Evolve with John Edward. If you would like a copy of the book, Crossing Over, click here.

Please share any experiences that you may have had with a medium. Where they accurate? Did the message make sense? Did it feel a bit like a warm hug from your loved one? I’m curious to know.

Until next time.


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