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What is a Ghost?

what is a ghost

There are different theories about what a ghost is. One theory is that a ghost is the spirit of a dead person. Another is that a ghost is the residue of an event that occurred in that environment. The third theory is that ghosts are a figment of the imagination.  I, myself am not sure what they are but I do love a good ghost story, especially a spooky ghost story.

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So…what is a ghost?

When it comes to the most common theory, of a ghost being the spirit of a dead person there are sub-theories that try to explain why a ghost may exist. Perhaps a person died under suspicious circumstances or had unfinished business and until the spirit receives justice (in the case of a murder) or has someone finish what they need doing, the spirit will not rest in peace or crossover.

My favourite ghost stories are the ones that are shared on television shows such as Paranormal State, Dead Files, Ghost Hunters, Most Haunted, and Celebrity Ghost Stories. Some of these programs are no longer in production but can always be found online. Check them out, let me know what you liked or disliked.

Personally, I would love to see one (I think I would anyway). There are a ton of movies about ghosts. There is an independent movie I really like called “Lake Mungo” If you like found footage and a creepy story. You need to watch it!


Did we answer the question “what is a ghost?” What are your ideas about ghosts? Do you believe in them? Have you had a paranormal experience? If you would like to add to the conversation then please add a comment.

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