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What are Ghost Orbs?

Ghost orbs

When you are curious about the paranormal you will eventually hear of ghost orbs.  What are ghost orbs?  I am going to try to answer that question in this article. I will discuss photographed orbs and different coloured orbs and what they mean.


What are ghost orbs?

What are ghost orbs? According to the Paranormal Encyclopedia is defined as “an anomalous globe-shaped spot, either white or coloured, that shows up in photographs taken at allegedly haunted locations.”

Photographed Orbs

Orbs that are captured in photographs appear as white, gold, green, blue, or red circles of light. What these orbs actually are is hotly debated. Those that believe in ghost orbs will say that an orb is the manifestation of the spirit of a deceased person. Skeptics will say that an orb is an out of focus drop of moisture or a fleck of dust. It is worth pointing out that photographed orbs seem to appear in areas that report other forms of paranormal activity first.

Coloured Orbs

Clear orbs may be a sign of an entity attempting to communicate. It is claimed that the orb is letting the living know that an important event happened in that location, or that a spirit needs help to move on.

White or Silver orbs are associated with spirituality and a connection to a higher power. White energy is thought to be positive energy, and therefore some believe that orbs of white or silver are offering protection. As with clear orbs, it is thought by some that white or silver orbs indicate a spirit that is stuck and requires help to move on.

Black or Brown orbs are seen as warnings. Some feel that the orbs themselves are of a dark or evil nature. While others believe they state that an area is dangerous and should only be examined in a cautious manner, and if your “spidey sense tingles,” you should leave.

Blue orbs are spiritually associated with truth and psychic energy. As a result of that association, many believe that blue orbs are spiritual guides. Blue orbs provide comfort to those that believe in them.

What are ghost orbs?

Green orbs are associated with nature. In spiritual practice, the colour is associated with the heart.  Green orbs are thought to be human spirits, perhaps ones that had a close connection to or love of nature.

Red or Orange orbs are believed to be protectors.  They could be manifestations of a human spirit that was in charge of caretaking, or guarding while they were alive. Believers in ghost orbs do not associate the colour with the often deeply felt emotions of passion and anger.

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So, what are ghost orbs? They are a hot topic in the paranormal investigation field. The paranormal field has members that believe in ghost, spirits, and orbs, but it also has skeptics working in it as well.  I even find myself wanting to believe and thinking that the world would be so much more interesting if the paranormal exists, yet I still want definitive proof.  The existence of orbs has yet to be proven scientifically but I like to think they just might be one day. Either way, the world of the paranormal gives us many interesting and spooky stories and I am always intrigued.


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2 thoughts on “What are Ghost Orbs?

  1. Josephine Crawford

    I really do not give much thought to these topics. It is the first that I met the word “orb,” so, thanks for the education. I experienced something strange with a friend some years ago. I took a picture and I am sure I saw her in it, but when it was developed, there was nothing but a white film. She also did not want me to take her photograph. Guess what? All the other photos taken the same day came out perfectly well. Can you explain?

    • Bill

      That’s a strange story. There are some unexplained things out there. Thanks for reading my post.

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