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Vampire Costumes for Kids – From toddlers to teens

costumes for kids

Halloween will be here before you know it and we like to help people get prepared. This list is dedicated to the living dead vampires. The following Vampire costumes can fit toddlers, kids, preteens, and teens. costumes

1. Girls Vampire Costume

This girls vampire costume is perfect for the little lady that loves fashion and make-believe. Her costume can appear to have wings when you loop the tulle overlay around a finger on each hand.

Click here for the Girls Vampire costume.

2. Boys Frightful Vampire Costume

If you have a young man in your life that likes the idea of dressing up as classic Vampire this is the costume for him. This costume includes a velour-style vest with a collar, sleeves, and shirt-tails. It has a cape and a jabot and the closures are either buttons or velcro. Add a wig, some fangs, and a pair of black pants and you will have a little vampire by your side.

Click here for the Boys Frightful Vampire costume.

3. Toddler Bloodthirsty Vampire Costume

The Bloodthirsty Vampire costume for toddler girls is as cute and sweet looking as it is freaky. The costume is made from a fabric that has a velour texture and the red on the sleeves and skirt have been laser cut for an appearance of dripping blood. The stand-up collar is filled with foam and the belt is batty. The dress has a zipper closure and other areas are fastened with velcro. This costume comes in sizes from 2T to 4T.

Click here for the Bloodthirsty Vampire costume for Toddler Girls.

4. Hotel Transylvania Vampire Costume

Another one for the movie lover in all kids. This Dracula costume from Hotel Transylvania is like no other. The costume includes a long sleeved shirt, with a foam front panel and printed vest. The shirt has velcro closures while the pants have an elastic waistband. The purple-lined cape has a foam filled stand-up collar and the cape is removable. To finish it off the costume has a moulded plastic mask to capture the unique face of Dracula.  "Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah"

Click here for the Hotel Transylvania Vampire Costume.

5. Victorian Vampire Costume for Girls


This Victorian Vampire costume comes in sizes S - XL. It includes the gown, the petticoat, a hat on a headband, and a pendant. Add some fangs, glamorous makeup, and a pair of black boots and the look is complete.

Click here for the Victorian Vampire Costume.

6. Classic Vampire Costume for Boys

This Classic Vampire costume for boys includes a black and red cape with a bow tie, a grey vest, a medallion, a red cumberbund, and white gloves for a great price. Add a long-sleeved white shirt, black pants, fangs, fake blood, Halloween makeup, and slicked back hair with a widow's peak and the classic vampire look is complete.

Click here for the Classic Vampire Costume for Boys.

7. Dark Vampire Costume for Boys

The Dark Vampire Costume for Boys includes a shirt and vest combination, a cape with a collar, a dickey with a tie and a tie pin. The costume can be completed by adding a pair of dark blue or black jeans or pants, black boots, pale face makeup, fangs, fake blood, and slicked back hair. The vest is red and black with a bat pattern on it for a modern look.

Click here for the Dark Vampire Costume.

8. Dashing Vampire Costume for Girls

This Dashing Vampire Costume is perfect for the girls that don't want to wear a dress but still want to be a vampire. It is also perfect for the girls that live where winter arrives at the same time Halloween does and they want to stay warm while trick or treating.

The costume includes a tailed jacket with buttons, a stand-up collar, and a shirt front with a faux broach. Add your own black pants or leggings, black boots, white gloves, and cool sunglasses to round out the look.

Click here for the Dashing Vampire Costume.

9. Vampire Vixen Costume for Girls

The Vampire Vixen Costume is not for the faint-hearted. It includes a velvet textured dress with an asymmetrical hemline, a ruffled high-neck lace insert with medallion, an open front capelet in red and black, and a belt with velcro closure. Add the optional girl's vampire wig with red streaks, some black tights, and black boots and your girl will be set for her Halloween fun.

Click here for the Vampire Vixen Costume.

10. Vampire Slayer Costume for Tween Girls

With all these blood-sucking vampires on the loose, we thought we should include a vampire slayer costume to mix things up a little this Halloween. The vampire slayer costume includes the leggings, shirt, belt, and wood-like stakes that are perfect for slaying the undead. Add a pair of black boots and fingerless gloves to complete the look.

Click here for the Vampire Slayer Costume.

Thanks for checking out our article on Vampire Costumes for Kids. Happy blood-sucking or slaying everyone. 🙂

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