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The Real Annabelle Doll Story-What Actually Happened?

annabelle doll

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The real Annabelle doll story is based on a large Raggedy Ann doll that was reportedly purchased at a hobby store by a woman who wanted to gift it as a birthday present to her adult daughter.  The daughter was named Donna, who had a roommate named, Angie.

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A Gift Like No Other

Soon after receiving the doll the two ladies started to notice that the doll would move to different rooms in their apartment, or shift in position, while they were away.  This was a bit concerning, and just plain freaky. The next thing that started to occur was had written notes on parchment paper.  The parchment did not come from inside their apartment and this really started to scare Donna and Angie. The messages would say things like “Help us”, or “Help Lou” which seemed to be a reference to the male friend that frequented the apartment.

One night when Donna arrived home, she found the doll had moved onto her bed, and it had a red liquid that appeared to be blood on its chest and the back of its hands. Donna was scared and reached out to a medium who performed a seance.  During the seance, the medium claimed that the doll was the spirit of Annabelle Higgins. Annabelle was a young 7-year-old girl who had been found dead in the field that the apartment building now stood on.  Now, this medium was not familiar with demonology or they would have realized they were being played. Donna felt compassion for the poor little girl and gave permission to what she thought was Annabelle Higgins to inhabit the Raggedy Ann doll.

annabelle doll
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Bump in the Night

Now that “Annabelle” had permission to inhabit the doll, she was going to make her presence felt.  Lou, the male friend who sometimes stayed at the apartment, became the target of Annabelle’s attention.  Lou had never liked the doll. He had frequently told Donna that it was evil and that she should get rid of it.

Lou awoke one night, in a panic from a nightmare. He couldn’t move his body, he was paralyzed.  When he lifted his head and looked around he saw the doll at his feet.  The story goes that the doll moved up his body, stopped at his chest, and began to strangle him. Lou went unconscious. But the doll wasn’t done with him yet.

Lou and Angie were leaving for a road trip when they heard rustling noises coming from what should have been Donna’s empty bedroom. Lou entered the room and turned on the lights. He couldn’t see anyone there. While he searched the bedroom he got the feeling that something was behind him, Lou turned quickly but he was alone, then in a flash, Lou grabbed his chest, doubled over, and began to bleed.  Lou had suffered cuts on his chest comprised of 7 distinct claw marks.  Three were vertical and four were horizontal.  His shirt was stained with his blood. The claw marks took only 2 days to disappear.

The Warren’s to the Rescue

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Through an Episcopal Priest named Father Hegan, and a higher spiritual authority named Father Cooke, the call went out to Ed and Lorraine Warren.  Now if you’ve done any research in the paranormal you know who the Warren’s are.  If you’re new to this stuff then let me introduce them.  Lorraine Warren is currently a 90-year-old lady, with long grey hair, that she wears in a loose bun on the crown of her head, she is always sharply dressed, and has a mild manner.  Ed Warren was Lorraine’s husband, and business partner until his passing in 2007.  Ed was a renowned demonology expert. He and Lorraine have worked on many now famous cases including, but not limited to, the Conjuring, the Amityville Horror House, and of course Annabelle.

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The Warren’s realized that the doll was not possessed but had been manipulated by an inhuman presence. They explained that spirits do not possess inanimate objects they possess humans. But an inhuman spirit can attach itself to a place, or an object.  This is what they believed had happened to the doll. The spirit had manipulated the doll in hopes that by creating an illusion that the doll was alive that the spirit would be “recognized.” The spirit was looking to possess a human, but thankfully for all concerned, the Warren’s arrived before that happened.

The Warren’s left with the doll and had instructed Father Cooke to do a recitation of an exorcism to cleanse the apartment.

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Annabelle Is Not Done Yet

While driving home with the Annabelle doll in the backseat, the brakes and power steering would fail, and the vehicle would stall, often on curvy stretches on the road.  Ed Warren eventually doused the doll in Holy Water and made the sign of the cross it.  After that, they were able to return home safely.

Since the doll continued to move around when the Warren’s were not home, and a Priest named Father Jason Bradford had a near fatal car accident after speaking harshly to the doll, a case was built to keep Annabelle in.

Lorraine Warren and her son-in-law still have Annabelle locked in that special case but on display in their Occult Museum.  Annabelle is still powerful, but the Warren family is committed to keeping her locked up to keep us safe.

As Ed Warren use to say “do not challenge evil, as no man is more powerful than Satan.”

Words to live by if you ask me.  I don’t have to understand the danger to head the warning.  It’s common sense after all.

Please let me know your thoughts on the real Annabelle doll story and comments on this or any other article

Sweet Dreams!!


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