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The Printer

So this is actually a true story. I do believe in ghosts but I have never personally had an experience. I don’t know how I would react-excitement? freak out? run away screaming? I really don’t know but I’d like to find out…I think.  I get shivers just thinking about it. Anyway, this really happened to my wife and me about 1 week ago. We have 2 laptops and we share a printer. We had not used it for about 1 month.

We were relaxing after a busy Saturday. All was quiet when we heard the printer turn on. There was no reason for it to do that. It is a pushbutton to turn it on. It made some printer noises for a minute then began to print. We asked each other if we had left anything in the queue and we had not. It printed 5 pages (now this is the freaky part) on Psychics!! Yes, Psychics. So:
#1- There was no reason why it should turn on. Basically impossible
#2- Nothing was left in the printing queue
#3- The fact that it printed 5 pages about Psychics is a bit disturbing

Anyway, I have been keeping an eye out for anything else that might be strange or out of place. I will keep you informed. Have a look at an article my wife wrote on a ghost at the Banff Springs Hotel…Creepy.


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