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The Fear Of Clowns Phobia- Coulrophobia


Have you ever heard of the fear of clowns phobia? No? Neither had I until the newscasts became saturated with stories of clowns terrorizing everyone. It was around September 2016 when it all began. The freaking clowns were everywhere. Small towns, big cities, in Canada and the United States.  You name it, there was a clown popping up. They were carrying weapons and getting arrested and things were getting out of hand. Many towns outlawed dressing up as a clown for Halloween. Now that it’s December 2016 the clowns are gone, no more anywhere.

So crazy clowns on the street aside, what is a fear of them called? Well, it is called Coulrophobia and there may be several reasons for this phobia including:

-enlarged parts- the feet, the nose, and the hands can be perceived as monstrous.

-Not knowing who is under the costume and makeup can be unsettling.

-The over exaggeration of makeup has always been a bit disturbing for kids and adults alike.

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Pennywise from Stephen King’s It didn’t help anyone with even a slight fear of clowns, let alone those that suffer from the phobia. Maybe these random clown people were just really excited about the remake of It that comes out in 2017?

Other clowns portrayed as being somewhat evil are: “Krusty the Clown” from The Simpsons or the “Joker” from Batman, and those pictures of the real-life serial killer, John Wayne Gacy, dressed as a clown certainly has not helped anyone either.

Tim Curry as Pennywise,

It is not surprising that many kids have a fear of clowns and don’t want pictures of them around or to watch programs with clowns in them.

I guess I should take down the clown picture on velvet and just stick with the picture of dogs playing Poker.



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8 thoughts on “The Fear Of Clowns Phobia- Coulrophobia

  1. anne

    interesting. I have always found clowns super creepy. I don’t think I was a fan of them when I was a kid either. Thanks for giving me nightmares tonight.

    • Bill

      I have to admit. Im a bit freaked out too. I had a velvet picture when I was a kid of a laughing clown. Awesome!

  2. Jean

    I really do understand how people could have a fear of clowns. I also went through a phase as a child where clowns freaked me out. In large part the media could be the reason don’t you think? It’s easy to make a clown scary. Of the top of my head I can reference a Supernatural episode with a murderous clown. Along with the ones you mentioned and many more.

  3. Alan Soltys

    My daughter is deathly afraid of clowns. She is now 24, but age doesn’t matter. Her brothers have learned it’s not a topic for discussion. They don’t teaser her about it or try to scare her because the fear is legitimate and she can get deadly. She’s the oldest and can still whoop the snot out of them if she chooses. Plus, they can’t hit back or I step in and start to deal out the pain. Poor girl, though. I subscribed to your newsletter as well. I look forward to your information. This kind of thing may seem trivial, but I appreciate knowing stuff. I will look around the site later as well.

    • Bill

      There is nothing wrong with being scared of something. I have a problem with heights and movies about witches freak me out. Thanks for subscribing. Cheers!

  4. Amy

    I’ve never been scared of clowns myself, but my kids certainly are! I guess it’s pretty common these days! It’s not a far leap to the fear of the ice cream man–I don’t like that guy or his freaky music! 🙂

    • Bill

      I’m with you about the ice cream man. I never really about it but he does have freaky music. Thanks for stopping by

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