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The Dead Files TV Show

The Dead Files TV Show

The Dead Files Hosts

If you are curious about the paranormal, and you have access to American TV shows, you should check out The Dead Files TV show. The stars of this reality show are Steve DiSchiavi a retired NYPD homicide detective and Amy Allen a physical medium and paranormal researcher.

The Dead Files TV Show

What Do The Hosts Do?

I like The Dead Files show because unlike other paranormal investigation programs they approach their investigations using Steve’s extensive research experience and Amy’s special talents. Amy will do a “walkthrough” of a haunted property while being recorded by her husband, Matt. Amy does this at night time when the house or business is empty of its occupants. During her walkthrough, Amy describes the entities that she encounters and afterwards, she works with a sketch artist to reveal an image of what she has seen. In the meantime, Steve interviews the residents of the home or business and learns more about their experiences. Steve will also work with local historians, Police and journalists to learn more about the building, former owners, and area they are investigating. It all comes together when the two hosts sit down with the home or business owners and reveal what Amy saw, heard, and felt, and what Steve learned through his research.

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How Do They Help?

My favourite part of the show is when Amy tells the homeowners what they need to do in order to remain in the home and live in peace. Amy often recommends seeking assistance from a very masculine male medium, or priests, or a chaos magician (that’s a chaos magickian), or a reiki master, or a psychologist, or a demonologist, or any combination of the above. Amy will sometimes tell people that they need to do cleanses of the property on a regular basis. I love that they have done some episodes of The Dead Files Revisited so we can learn what happened after the initial visit.

I give the show 9/10 for entertainment and education.

The Dead Files TV show can be found on the Travel Channel and DTOUR. If you haven’t watched it, you should give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.


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