The Dead Body Under The Bed

The definition of an urban legend is a modern story of obscure origin (a friend of a friend) and with little or no supporting evidence that spreads spontaneously in varying forms and often has elements of humour, moralizing, or horror. Also known as an urban myth.

Although many urban legends are just stories these ones are said to be true. Let’s carry on and see if we find them creepy.

The Dead Body Under the Bed

The legend goes like this: A couple checks into a hotel and even though there is a strangely disturbing odour in the room they still manage to sleep in there for the night. The next morning they mention the odour to the hotel staff who then seeks out the smell and, you guessed it, discover the dead body under the bed.

This scenario has actually happened in the past and according to, it occurred in July 2003 at the Capri Motel in Kansas City. After one guest stayed and complained of the hideous odour over three days the cleaning staff finally moved the mattress and found a man’s body in the advanced stages of decomposition.

Another occurrence was discovered in June 1999 when the decomposing body of 64-year-old, Saul Hernandez was found under the mattress in Room 112 of the Burgundy Motor Inn in Atlantic City, NJ. The unlucky guests in that situation were a German couple who reported the foul smell after unknowingly spending a night above Saul’s body.

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In 1994 there were two separate incidents where German tourists travelling to different areas of Florida spent a night sleeping above decomposing bodies. The first was discovered in March 1994 when the complained about foul odour turned out to be 24-year-old Josefina Martinez who was stuck under a bed in the Traveler’s Hotel near Miami International Airport. While the second incident took place in August 1994 when 47-year-old Bryan Gregory was found under a platform bed in a Fort Lauderdale Hotel. I wonder if this made the news in Germany?

There are other cases that are written about on but I think we get the idea.

We stay in Hotels regularly and this urban legend makes me feel ill. There is no way we would stay in a room with a foul odour. My husband has “superpowers of the sniffing kind.” He can smell rotting garbage at 500 feet so there is no way his nose would be able to ignore human decomposition. Can you imagine how freaked out you would feel to learn that you had slept in a room where not only murder took place but where the victim was stashed as well? Nope, not me, thank you very much, I may have to go back to camping in an RV.


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