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The Birch-A Very Scary Short Horror Film

the birch movie

Warning-A graphic video.

“The Birch” 2016     Short Horror Film     Unrated     4 min 42 seconds

The Basics:

A bullied schoolboy gets revenge against his tormentor. He summons an ancient being from the woods using a spellbound book passed down through generations of his family.

Film Makers:

Ben Franklin

Anthony Melton


Aaron Ward

Corrina Marlowe

Charlie Venables

What I thought:

This short video called “The Birch” is something I came across while surfing through YouTube. It is a very scary short horror film. I had to watch it twice. I have seen a ton of horror movies throughout my years but this is a video that really stood out. Not only is it extremely well done but it scared the hell out of me. The Birch is very realistic. There is violence and gore within its short 4 minutes and 42 seconds. Well done I look forward to seeing more from these filmmakers. Check out our article on some terrifying Stephen King books.

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The Birch

The Birch


7.5 /10


8.0 /10


6.0 /10

Special effects

8.0 /10


7.5 /10

Good Things

  • A scary well done film
  • Special effects make up were great
  • It was all so unexpected. The creature caught me off guard

Not So Good Things

  • Needed a longer story, could definitly be masde into a movie
  • Could have beed a bit more background story. Even though it ewas a short film, it could have had more story

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