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What is The Bigfoot?

what is the bigfoot

What is the bigfoot? Do you believe? The large, hairy, man-like creature that has reportedly been seen in forested areas stretching across North America and Europe? Bigfoot is also known to be called Sasquatch in Western Canada, the United States Pacific Northwest and is referred to as a Skunk Ape in the swamps of Florida. Is it possible that there are creatures living on earth that humans do not know about? That we have not captured and studied yet? It would certainly make life a bit more interesting if it is true. Let’s take a look at what types of physical, photographic, and video evidence of Bigfoot exists.

Physical Evidence

Footprints and a Foot

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Stephen Wagner wrote the article called The Best Sasquatch Evidence in 2017 for where he states that over 900-footprints have been measured or cast. The average length of the footprints measures at 15.6 inches. The foot of a Sasquatch or Bigfoot is not just long but also very wide. As Peter says in the Bigfoot “Foot Video” the width of the foot allows the creature to walk over areas without sinking. Watch the videos of Peter and the Bigfoot pieces that his father kept after shooting it in 1953. Click here. Warning, Peter does like the f-bomb and seems angry with some Bigfoot and Sasquatch skeptics.

John Bindernagel is a wildlife Biologist from British Columbia that measured a human-like footprint in 1988 that was 16 inches long. He found the footprint in the freshly fallen snow in the Strathcona Provincial Park.

Strathcona Provincial Park is located almost in the centre of Vancouver Island, it is a forested, mountainous area that has hiking trails and camping areas. (2017,

Click here to buy the book, Bigfoot: Exploring the Myth and Discovering the Truth.

Hairy Hair

Many different hair samples of what was thought to be from a Sasquatch have been DNA tested in a variety of North American laboratories. Although the hair can be said to likely belong to an animal as the hairs appear to have one tapered end, indicating that the hair has never been cut, the DNA has been either too degraded to test, or the tests have had inconclusive results.

There is a man named, Todd Standing, that has been searching for Bigfoot for more than a decade in the mountains near the Alberta/BC border that claims to need the help of a geneticist in order to prove that Bigfoot exists. I could not find any information about Mr. Standing receiving the necessary help. Although his association with Les Stroud, the star of the Survivorman TV Series may end up helping him.

Click here to watch a short video from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot TV show.

Photographic Evidence of the Bigfoot

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The above photo has been taken from the 16mm film shot in 1967 in California by Robert Gimlin and Roger Patterson. I know that there are those out there that claim the film was faked and those that claim it is real. What do you think?

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The image above is a footprint that measured 22″ long. It was found in China.

There are numerous photos available online that show blurry images of tall, hair covered, two-legged creatures.

Let’s look at Videos 

If you cannot trust the cops who can you trust. Make sure to watch to the end to see the creature clearly.

Click here

Wow, that is a tall, hairy, bipedal….thing.

Now, how about these fellows. They seem to have found exactly what they were in the woods to find.

Click here

Let’s see what Les Stroud of Survivorman has to say about the Bigfoot.

Click here

Here is a video that contains numerous clips that claim to have captured images of the Bigfoot.

Click here

Well, whether they are called Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Boqs, Yetti, or Skunk Apes the First Nations people of North America have many legends and tales of these creatures and their behaviours and appearance. A man named, Clayton Mack, who was a member of the Nuxalk Nation in BC, Canada even wrote about the many different encounters he had with the Boqs in the wilds of BC during the 53 years he spent as a Grizzly Bear hunter and guide. Read about his adventures by clicking here.

So what do you think? Are you a believer? I would not be surprised to discover that there is a still undiscovered creature living in the forested areas of the world. We tend to think that the world is small because of all the technological advances made in the last 30 years. But we must remember that there really are parts of this world where not a lot of humans venture. I think that we will certainly end up seeing more photos and videos of Bigfoot in the future since everyone carries a camera in their pocket now with cell phones readily available to the entire world’s population. Now with the affordability of drones, we will undoubtedly see more videos taken from the sky.

With that thought, I shall say goodbye for now.


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