The Autopsy Of Jane Doe Review

“The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”- 2016. rated R. 1hour & 27 minutes.

A gory supernatural thriller set in a morgue. It’s not a movie for the squeamish but it has lots of jumps and creepiness to thrill even the hardcore horror fan.

A mysterious woman’s body is found at a gruesome crime scene. The police have asked a father and son mortician team need to figure out what happened. Through the autopsy, things get stranger and stranger and more questions are raised. If they don’t solve this mystery soon it could become bad for them…very bad!

Director: Andre Ovredal: A great job giving a feeling of overall creepiness

Emile Hirsch: The son

Ophelia Lovibond: The son’s girlfriend

Brian Cox: Great job as the father

Olwen Catherine Kelly: Amazing job as “Jane Doe”

This movie is “a cut above the rest”

I actually saw this movie twice. The first time I thought it was ok but it didn’t grab me. When I saw it the second time, I realized this movie really is creepy and some parts gave me a good scare (elevator).

I learned a lot about funeral homes and what an autopsy is all about with this realistic movie.

Anyone who loves gore and a smouldering creepy movie this is it. There is some corpse nudity and with the graphic autopsy definitely not for kids.

Trivia: Stephen King said, “Visceral horror to rival “Alien” and early Cronenberg. Watch it, but not alone”.

I give “The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”  a 7/10.

Its scary, gory, nudity and some great acting. What else do you need in a movie!

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Enjoy the show.



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