The Old Tooele Hospital-Is It Haunted?

The hospital that will be discussed in this post has a long and storied history. The part we are most interested in is the ghost ones, of course. We want to know is the Old Tooele Hospital haunted?

 The Old Tooele Hospital

Location: Tooele, Utah

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The original portion of the hospital was constructed in 1873 by Samuel F. Lee as his family home but by 1913 it had been added on to and it became the County Poor House.

The building has been used in two movies in the past. Those movies were, “The World’s Fastest Indian” (2005) starring Anthony Hopkins, and the mini-series, “The Stand” (1994) based on Stephen King’s novel and starring Gary Sinise.

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It has been said that the building contains a spiritual portal that is guarded by a spirit named Maria. Samuel F. Lee and his young son are reportedly said to haunt the halls, along with spirits called Richard, James, Ned, Peter, and a young child called Jessica. The halls are also said to be haunted by Wes, an elderly man who died of Alzheimer’s and is accompanied on his walks by a “dark” entity that won’t let Wes pass over to the light. Other voices and apparitions have been experienced by visitors as well. (

Tourists are able to tour about half of the building that is now referred to as Asylum 49. Will you check it out and see if the Old Tooele Hospital is haunted?


The Other Half



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