The Annabelle Doll

Gee, Thanks Mom

The Annabelle doll is a large Raggedy Ann doll that was report-ably purchased at a hobby store by a woman who wanted to gift it as a birthday present to her adult daughter.  The daughter was named Donna, who had a roommate names Angie.

A Gift Like no Other

Soon after receiving the doll the two ladies started to notice that the doll would move to different rooms in their apartment, or shift in position, while they were away.  This was a bit concerning, and just plain freaky. The next thing that started to occur was had written notes on parchment paper.  The parchment did not come from inside their apartment and this really started to scare Donna and Angie. The messages would say things like “Help us”, or “Help Lou” which seemed to be a reference to the male friend that frequented the apartment.

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