Byberry Mental Hospital

Byberry Mental Hospital

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Byberry Mental Hospital holds a special place in history. Images taken there highlighted the need for changes to be made in the treatment and housing of the mentally ill. Byberry is where many conscientious objectors worked during WWII. One of those CO’s was a compassionate man named Charlie Lord. Charlie Lord would sneak a camera into the hospital and he captured 36 photographs that were later published in Life magazine in May 1946. “The photos reminded the American people of photos from Nazi Concentration Camps. So it created a kind of mass uproar, nationally.” ( read more

Scary Halloween Decorations

I was snooping around the internet looking for Halloween decorations and this popped out at me. I wanted to share it with you.

Product Name: Cocoon Corpse

Price: $29.99

Who Is It For?: Anyone who loves decorating for Halloween.

Product Overview: The cocoon corpse is 72″ long. The corpse is made of green foam and is wrapped in a silky spiderweb-like material. There is a wire that can be used to hang the corpse from either its feet or its head.

What Else Can be Used With It?: add a Black Spider and a giant spider web. read more

Ghost Towns-Three Valley Lake Chateau

The Three Valley Lake Chateau Ghost Town is located a quick 15-minute drive west of Revelstoke, BC. Nestled among the mountains it is next door to the Three Valley Lake Chateau.


There is so much history gathered together at the Three Valley Lake Chateau Ghost Town. The founder of the place was Gordon Bell who delighted in preserving antiques of western Canada. Gordon and his wife Ethel purchased the land in 1961 and filled in the swamp with around 25,000 truckloads of rock and fill. The buildings located now at 3VG came from various places in western Canada. Most were originally constructed in the late 1800’s. read more