Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is just that; a mystery. Why would Sarah Winchester have the house built, adjusted, and rebuilt constantly between 1884 and 1922? Was she a genius? Or was Sarah Winchester under the influence of the spirits it is said she was terrified of? Let’s explore Sarah and her mystery house and decide from there.

Sarah Pardee

Sarah Winchester was born Sarah Pardee in September 1839, in New Haven, Connecticut. Sarah grew into a charming, multi-lingual, musically talented that was a petite beauty of only 4’10” tall. Sarah was bred, born, and raised in New Haven.

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What is a Psychic?

The subject of psychics is immense. There is a ton of information regarding not only what psychic abilities are, but how to increase your own abilities, and what you should know before visiting a psychic. Let’s explore this mysterious world and find out “what is a psychic”.

Psychic Abilities

According to a article written by Sally Painter, the following list is the different types of psychic abilities people may have.

Astral Projection-Astral projection is the ability to achieve a different level of consciousness.  This is obtained through meditation and is said to be a voluntary process. read more

Are Ouija Boards dangerous?-Many People Say Yes

In this article, I will attempt to answer the question of are Ouija boards dangerous? Ouija boards started as a board game developed and sold by Hasbro dating back to 1890.  The name Ouija is said to come from “oui” the French word for yes, and “ja” the German word for yes.

In my childhood I played with Ouija boards on an occasion or two, admittedly this was before I had heard any warnings about their use.  I was a bit tentative about playing with the Ouija board as a friend told me it was used to communicate with dead people. That made me equal parts scared and excited. I did not have any luck communicating with a spirit in my childhood, and upon learning more, I am glad I didn’t.
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