Is the Queen Mary Haunted?

The Queen Mary is a ship that was launched in 1934 and made her maiden voyage in 1936. She was named to honour Queen Mary who lived from May 26, 1867, to March 24, 1953, and was the wife of King George V who lived from June 3, 1865, to January 20, 1936.

The RMS Queen Mary was built, owned and operated by the Cunard Line. She was predominately used to cross the North Atlantic Ocean between Southampton and New York.

Early History of the Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary was a passenger liner at the beginning of her life and with the outbreak of World War II in 1939 she was outfitted as a troop carrier. The Queen Mary ferried allied troops across the Atlantic throughout the war she set many records and even participated in the D-Day Invasion. In 1946 she made 13 crossings that carried 22,000 war brides and their children to their new lives in Canada and the United States.

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