Psychopath vs Sociopath

We hear the terms psychopath and sociopath thrown around in casual conversation a lot. But there are differences and similarities between the people deemed to be psychopaths and those that are deemed to be sociopaths. Read on to learn more.

Definition of a Psychopath-Psychopath vs Sociopath

According to William Hirstein Ph. D. who wrote What is a Psychopath? for Psychology Today in 2013, it was in the early 1800s that doctors began to notice that some patients who appeared outwardly normal actually had “moral depravity” or “moral insanity.” The patients had no sense of ethics or the rights of other people. The term psychopath was first used in 1900. It was later found that people who were described as a psychopath have a genetic trait to their behaviour. In other words, a psychopath’s behaviour can be hereditary.

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