Mothman-Angel? or Demon

My husband’s favourite movie is The Mothman Prophecies and in this post, we are going to learn about Mothman. The Mothman is described by witnesses across the world as a man-like figure with eyes that glow red, the skin is light grey in colour, and it has large black wings that have a span of ten feet.

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The Mothman Prophecies movie was “based” on the book of the same title written by John Keel. John Keel was born on March 25, 1930, and found himself in Point Pleasant, West Virginia in 1966 to write an article about UFOs for Playboy Magazine.  Keel began to hear stories about this strange creature around the area and began to investigate those stories as well.

Mothman Witnesses

The first witnesses that reported seeing the creature near Point Pleasant were two married couples named Steve and Mary Mallette who were travelling in a car driven by Roger Scarberry along with his wife Linda. They gave a description of a man-like creature with large black wings that was clumsy when it walked but could fly quickly at what they estimated was 100 mph. They saw what became known as the Mothman on November 15, 1966. As John Keel continued to research the sightings he learned of more. Many of the sightings occurred about six miles north of Point Pleasant in the McClintic Wildlife Management Area as known as the TNT area. It earned this nickname because it was used in WWII to store dynamite in concrete igloo shaped mounds. John Keel worked alongside a journalist named Mary Hyre who worked for The Athens Messenger in 1966. In the movie, her character was played by Laura Linney and they gave her the job of Sherriff.

Mothman Prophecies Around the World

As was portrayed in the movie, John Keel has said that the creature or entity did predict aeroplane crashes with astonishing accuracy. Sightings of the Mothman continued near Point Pleasant until the Silver Bridge collapsed into the Ohio River on December 15, 1967. That tragedy took the lives of 46 people. The collapse occurred during rush hour and may have taken more people to their graves because the traffic lights had been malfunctioning all day. After an investigation into the collapse, it was reported that it occurred due to a defective eyebar that had corroded and worn out over the years the bridge had been in use. (USA Today)

There were reports of a Mothman like creature being sighted around Chernobyl, Ukraine prior to the Nuclear Plant Meltdown that occurred on April 26, 1986. That meltdown and explosions have caused that area of the world to be an abandoned wasteland. (

On September 10, 1978, miners that worked in Freiburg, Germany came face to face with what they initially thought was a man in a trench coat. It turned out that the trench coat was actually large black wings. The Mothman would not move and the men stood there staring at it as “it” was blocking the entryway to the mine. The Mothman let out a blood-curdling scream that made the miner’s run away. An hour later the mine collapsed and it would most certainly have killed the men if they had been working at the time.

The Mothman was seen and heard soaring above the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant prior to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that caused the nuclear reactors to meltdown on March 11, 2011.

It has been reported that the Mothman was sighted by many flying near the World Trade Centre’s twin towers during the week before 9/11 occurred. Some people claim that they were told by “men in black” to forget what they saw and do not speak of it.

Sightings of the Mothman began to be reported on June 27, 2007 and continued for a month near Minneapolis, Minnesota. On August 1, 2007, the I-35W bridge collapsed killing 13 people and injuring 145 in Minneapolis.

John A Keel-The Mothman Prophecies

In 2009 there was an outbreak of Swine-Flu in Mexico. It was preceded by reports of Mothman sightings. (

In 1926 people in southeast China began to report seeing a large flying dragon man in the skies above the Xiaon Te Dam. The Dam later collapsed killing 15,000 people as the water flooded the farmlands.

Reports of the Mothman go as far back as the 1800s in places like New York, Kentucky, Illinois, Nebraska, and Washington State. (2008, Oliver Ho, Mutants and Monsters)

Mothman Museum and Festival

If you loved the movie, The Mothman Prophecies, or the legend of the Mothman you may want to travel to Point Pleasant, WV to visit The Mothman Museum. Outside the museum, they have a statue of the Mothman. It’s a great tourist attraction and I definitely want my picture taken beside it one day. Maybe that could happen if we attended the Mothman Festival there that will take place on September  15 and 16th, 2018. See you there for all things Mothman!


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Ed and Lorraine Warren-Paranormal Investigators

Ed and Lorraine Warren are well known in the paranormal investigation field.  They have led an interesting life and in this article, we will discover what that looked like.

Ed Warren

Ed Warren was born on September 7, 1926, in Connecticut and passed away on August 23, 2006, at the age of 79. In his early life, Ed had personal experiences with what he felt was a paranormal presence in his family home. It was in his early years that he encountered what he called a ghost globule.

A ghost globule is known by other names such as a ghost orb, or a ghost nebula. They may appear as a circle of light when photographed.

Ed and Lorraine Warren-Amityville Horror

Ed was only 16 years old when he first met Lorraine Rita Moran who had been born on January 31, 1927. At that time Ed was working as an usher in theatre in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Ed and Lorraine became friends and eventually, he asked her out on a date. The rest is history.Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed Warren joined the United States Navy when he turned 17. That was 1943, right in the middle of WWII. Ed’s ship sank in the North Atlantic and he received a 30-day-survivor’s leave. This allowed him the chance to marry Lorraine. Ed returned to continue the fight for victory in WWII.  After the end of the war, Ed and Lorraine started a family with the birth of their daughter. Ed also attended Perry Art School until he realized he knew more about painting than the instructors did.

Ed supported his family by selling his paintings to tourists in the NE states. They did well and had fun. But Ed was always intrigued by the paranormal. He began to use his artistic talents to gain entrance into houses or places that he had heard were haunted. The story goes that Ed would set up in the middle of the road in front of a rumoured haunted home and begin sketching the house with ghosts entering and leaving the home. Lorraine would then knock on the door and using her natural charm would begin a conversation about her husband’s love of sketching haunted houses. This would more often than not end with the Warren’s being invited into the home where they would then learn about the paranormal experiences of the residents. Lorraine was Ed’s sidekick from the beginning.

Initially, Lorraine did not believe in the paranormal. Through Ed’s curiosity and determination to speak with people that had experienced events similar to his, Lorraine became a believer.

New England Society for Psychic Research

Ed and Lorraine Warren began the New England Society for Psychic Research and The Warren’s Occult Museum in 1952.  Over their extensive career, Ed and Lorraine, have investigated over 10,000 paranormal events. They became well known for investigating demonic hauntings and possession. The Warren’s worked side-by-side until Ed’s passing in 2006.  Some of the notable cases that the Warren’s worked on are:

  • Amityville in New York, the story was the basis for the movies, The Amityville Horror, made in 1979, and again in 2005
  • The Demon Murder Trial in Connecticut
  • The “Werewolf Demon” possession of Bill Ramsey in 1983
  • The Smurl Family Haunting
  • The Perron Family Haunting, the story was the basis for the movie, The Conjuring, made in 2013
  • Stepney Cemetary
  • Borley Church
  • Union Cemetary in Easton, Connecticut
  • The Snedeker Family Haunting, the story was the basis for the movie, The Haunting in Connecticut, made in 2009

Currently, the Warren’s Occult Museum is closed due to zoning regulations. It will re-open to the public if a new location for the museum can be found. We hope it reopens as it houses hundreds of items from locations that experienced supernatural events. One of the most awe-inspiring items housed in the museum is the Annabelle Doll. Click here to read my article about it.

Image result for ed and lorraine warren Ed and Lorraine Warren

The above photos are of the real Warren’s and the actor’s who portrayed them in a movie about the Amityville Horror.

Lorraine Warren is now over 90 years old. She has lived an amazing life full of adventure. Lorraine has stated that Ed wanted her to continue their work after his passing and she has done that. Lorraine has been seen on different television shows including Paranormal State with host Ryan Buell. It was through that program that we first learned of her and Ed. I am pleased to say that as of the summer of 2017 Lorraine has decided to officially retire. Lorraine has passed the torch to the next generation as her son-in-law, Tony Spera, has taken over operations of NESPR and the Warren’s Occult Museum. The Society and Museum are in good hands. Tony has worked with Ed and Lorraine for over 30 years.

We here at HauntedRealities wish Lorraine and Tony well. May the future be bright for them and their family.


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Ghost Towns-Three Valley Lake Chateau

The Three Valley Lake Chateau Ghost Town is located a quick 15-minute drive west of Revelstoke, BC. Nestled among the mountains it is next door to the Three Valley Lake Chateau.

Three Valley Lake Chateau


There is so much history gathered together at the Three Valley Lake Chateau Ghost Town. The founder of the place was Gordon Bell who delighted in preserving antiques of western Canada. Gordon and his wife Ethel purchased the land in 1961 and filled in the swamp with around 25,000 truckloads of rock and fill. The buildings located now at 3VG came from various places in western Canada. Most were originally constructed in the late 1800’s.

What You Will Discover

The entrance to the ghost town is made through the theatre which contains a mining museum and some very freaky looking mannequins. Upon exiting the theatre you fall through time into the early 1900’s and find yourself surrounded by interesting buildings. The buildings range from a church with a graveyard, to a drugstore, a hotel, and even a jail. Mr Bell made sure that there was at least one of everything a real town would need. It is a well thought out ghost town that is interesting and educational. There is a candy store where you can stop for an ice cream or a cold drink to help you make it through the heat of the day.

Antique Cars

By crossing the covered bridge you will arrive at the display of antique cars. The cars date between 1902 and 1929 and have been beautifully preserved. A car lover will find this collection worth the admission price alone.

Railway Roundhouse

Further along your walk, you will discover the huge 3 Valley Railway Roundhouse that has a variety of railroad displays. There you will find a railway Business Car, a Governor General’s Coach, and a 2-6-2 Locomotive. You cannot help but notice the huge 100,000 square foot red roof that covers the turntable as well as the roundhouse back shop, the coach repair shop, and the pattern shop. It is amazing.

Ghost Town Pricing & Hours

18+ Adults = $12

65+ Seniors = $10

Ghost Towns

12-17-year-old Youth = $7

6-11-year-old Children = $5

5 years & under + Free

Family Rate = $30

When you stay at the Three Valley Lake Chateau you can enter the ghost town for half the price.

9 am to 5 pm mid-April to May 31 & September 7 to early October

8 am to 8 pm June 1 to September 6

Click here to learn about Ghost Tours.

Three Valley Lake Chateau

The Three Valley Lake Chateau is located next door to the 3VG Ghost Town. It has the same type of red roof and therefore the whole area seems to flow together. The Chateau is nestled in the Monashee Mountains and has 200 rooms. It is an interesting hotel with many amenities including a pool (with a mural of the Titanic), pool table, ping pong table, floor checkers board, arcade games, a library, and an indoor garden area. The Chateau has a private beach where you can swim in the mountain water, rent a kayak, or soak up some sun. There are extensive outdoor gardens and even a small playground for the kids.

You will not go hungry with four different dining areas to choose from. Make sure to save some time for exploring this hotel. It is the strangest and coolest place we have ever stayed. The hallways seem to go on forever and the roof line begins to impede on the space in the hallways on the upper floors.  There are doors everywhere and a heavy wooden slotted door behind which you can catch a slight glimpse of antiques in a dark room. There is a honeymoon suite called the cave that has a rock ceiling and is furnished with antiques. They also have a honeymoon suite that is called the Eagle’s Nest. It is found at the top of a private staircase where hopefully the groom does not attempt to carry the bride over the threshold for the sake of safety. The rooms are dated and could use a remodel but we embraced the retro ambience and enjoyed the uniqueness of the Chateau. After all, it is not an adventure if you do not leave your comfort zone.


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