Lights Out Movie Review-A Creepy Thriller

“Lights Out” 2016     Horror/Thriller     PG13     1hr 21 min

The Basics:

An unknown presence is terrifying a young boy. It is only able to be seen and harm you if the lights are off. Can they discover where this supernatural force came from and save a Mother, Sister and the little brother?


David F. Sandberg


Teresa Palmer

Gabriel Bateman

Alexander Dipersia

Billy Burke

Maria Bello


What I Thought:

This is a movie that knows you are afraid of what’s in the dark and it will use that against you. Lots of suspense, a good  story and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the ending, they could have come up with a better one. Other than that not bad.



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Scary Halloween Costumes For Couples – These ones are head turners

Halloween is our favourite day of the year. It is a terrific holiday to celebrate with family and friends. Dressing up and trick or treating isn’t just for kids, and for adults that want to participate in Halloween couple’s costumes are the best. The costumes can be cheeky, punny, or scary. In this list, we are looking at the scary Halloween Costumes for couples that are available online. Here are our picks for the best scary Halloween costumes for couples.

costumes for couples

1. Chucky and the Bride of Chucky Costumes

Chucky and The Bride of Chucky are great horror flicks. They are kind of scary, and kind of campy, and the characters make for a fabulous and unexpected Halloween couple's costume.

Click here for the Bride costume.

Click here for the Chucky costume.

2. Zombie School Girl and School Boy Costumes

This couple's costume combines the forbidden "sexiness" of the schoolgirl uniform with the variety of the zombie look. Zombies can be anything from pale-skinned bloody messes to rotting flesh and exposed bones. So have fun with the Halloween makeup and accessories and make it your own.

Click here for the Zombie School Girl costume.

Click here for the Zombie School Boy costume.

3. Mummy Couple or Mummy Family Costumes

Mummies are another one of those adjustable Halloween costumes. You can cover or show as much "flesh" as you desire and the face makeup can be pale with bags under the eyes or glamourous if that is preferred.

Click here for the Women's Mummy costume.

Click here for the Men's Mummy costume.

4. Voodoo Witch and Voodoo Priest Costumes

These Voodoo costumes are awesome. Part of what makes voodoo freaky is that it is real. The costumes can be accessorized and customized to make a scarier impact on Halloween. Add a voodoo doll or a headless chicken and take the authenticity even further.

Click here for the Voodoo Witch costume.

Click here for the Voodoo Priest Doctor costume.

5. Vampires of the Dreadful Sort Costumes

Vampires are the living dead and not much is scarier than that. Plus they drink the blood of humans so they are actually predatory dead creatures. The costumes are extremely customizable as vampires have appeared in the literature and movies set in the middle ages, right up to present day. So have fun with it. Wearing a set of fangs dipped in blood is always a great way to spend Halloween.

Click here for the Dreadful Vampiress costume.

Click here for the Dreadful Vampire costume.

6. Jack Skellington and Sally Costumes

Are you a fan of the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas? If so, you may want to dress as Jack Skellington and Sally with your significant other. These costumes are high quality and comfortable. Yes, even Jack's mask is comfy.

Click here for the Sally costume.

Click here for the Jack Skellington costume.

7. Countess and Gentleman Ghost Costumes

Add a bit of sophistication to the celebrations of All Hallows Eve with these costumes. The Countess costume is elegant with her evening dress and optional Marie Antionette powdered wig. While the Gentleman's Ghost costume makes a statement with its top hat and tails. Take your Ghost Game up a notch with these costumes.

Click here for the Countess Ghost costume.

Click here for the Gentleman's Ghost costume.

8. Beetlejuice and Lydia Costumes

Another costume set for the movie lovers out there. This time it is Beetlejuice and Lydia. Capture the essence of Lydia in this Red Wedding Dress costume, and of course, Beetlejuice should be dressed in his unique white and black striped suit. Don't forget the crazy wig!

Click here for the Lydia costume.

Click here for the Beetlejuice costume.

9. Angel and Devil Costumes

Devils are scary. And it can be argued that both angels and the devil are real. This particular angel is a dark angel so she leans a little closer to the devil side than she does to the angel side. Have fun. Be mischevious and a bit evil this Halloween.

Click here for the Women's Dark Angel costume.

Click here for the Men's Devil costume.

10. Uncle Fester and Wednesday Addams Costumes

Another costume set for the television and movie fans of The Addams Family, but with a twist. Instead of being the all-too-common Morticia and Gomez Addams costumes we chose the lesser known characters of Uncle Fester and Wednesday Addams. Wednesday Addams was the original Goth Girl and you can have fun with her pale deadpan face and the goofiness of Uncle Fester.

Click here for the Wednesday Addams costume.

Click here for the Uncle Fester costume.

Thanks for stopping buy and checking out these scary Halloween costumes for couples.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is just that; a mystery. Why would Sarah Winchester have the house built, adjusted, and rebuilt constantly between 1884 and 1922? Was she a genius? Or was Sarah Winchester under the influence of the spirits it is said she was terrified of? Let’s explore Sarah and her mystery house and decide from there.

Sarah Pardee

Sarah Winchester was born Sarah Pardee in September 1839, in New Haven, Connecticut. Sarah grew into a charming, multi-lingual, musically talented that was a petite beauty of only 4’10” tall. Sarah was bred, born, and raised in New Haven.

William Wirt Winchester

Image result for sarah and william winchester
Museum of History San Jose

William Winchester was also from New Haven, Connecticut. William’s father was a shirt manufacturer who took over the assets of a firm that made Volcanic Repeater firearms in 1857. In 1860 the company created the Henry Rifle that averaged one shot every three seconds. The Henry Rifle was a favourite among the Northern troops during the American Civil War.

Two Become One

Sarah Pardee and William Wirt Winchester were united in marriage on September 30, 1862, in New Haven. They were living a life of financial stability due to the success and popularity of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company at the height of the Civil War.

The Winchester’s had a daughter named Annie Pardee Winchester on July 15, 1866. Unfortunately, Annie was not a healthy baby and she passed away on July 24, 1866. The death threw Sarah Winchester into a deep depressive despair that robbed her of the next ten years of her life. Sarah just wasn’t her usual self and she and William did not have any more children. As Sarah emerged from her dark depression, William contracted Tuberculosis. William would pass away five years later of TB on March 7, 1881. William’s death left Sarah distraught again and she would wear Victorian mourning dresses and veils for the rest of her life.


When William died in 1881, Sarah inherited over $20 million plus 48.9% of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company and an income of $1,000 per day. But as they say, money cannot buy happiness.

Image result for winchester mystery house
Winchester Mystery House

The Mysterious Story of Sarah Winchester

The tour guides at the Winchester Mystery House tell guests that after the death of  William Wirt Winchester, Sarah sought the guidance of a Spiritualist Medium. It is reported that the Medium told Sarah that the Winchester family was cursed and the spirits killed by Winchester guns were seeking revenge against her. The Medium reportedly told Sarah to “move towards the setting sun, and to build a house continually for if she stopped construction she would die.”

As the story goes, Sarah sold her home in New Haven and moved to California. When Sarah reached the Santa Clara Valley in 1884 she found a 6 room house that was being built for a Dr. Caldwell. Sarah convinced the doctor to sell the house and the surrounding 162 acres to her and after the sale took place she threw out all of the building plans.

The Winchester Mystery House

For 36 years Sarah Winchester kept 22 carpenters at work building her home 24 hours a day. Sarah paid the carpenters well and was continually ordering building materials from all over the United States and in some cases, the world, so much so that she had her own set of railway tracks running to the building site. The carpenters would build, demolish, alter, and rebuild one section of the house after another all day, every day. (2017,

Image result for winchester mystery house

Sarah Winchester would meet with the construction foreman every morning and give him the building plans she drew up overnight. It is reported that Sarah would spend a lot of time in the “seance room” at the centre of the house every evening. It was in the “seance room” that she came up with her building plans, most of which were nonsensical. It is reported by the current day tour guides at the Winchester Mystery House that Sarah received the building plans from the spirits within the house.

Over time the Winchester Mystery House grew to be seven stories tall, it contained three elevators, 47 fireplaces, staircases that lead nowhere, a blind chimney, closet doors that open to walls, trap doors, double-back hallways, skylights stacked upon each other, doors that open to steep drops out to the lawn, bathrooms with glass doors, and banisters that are upside down.

Sarah Winchester liked the number 13. So much so that most of the windows in the house have 13 panes of glass, walls contain 13 panels, the greenhouse has 13 cupolas, some staircases have 13 steps, some rooms have 13 windows, and many floors have 13 sections. One exception is the 42 steps of a staircase that only goes up nine feet, two inches at a time.

The Winchester Mystery House offers guided tours of the sprawling maze of a house.  Around Halloween time they also offer Hall’ween Candlelight Tours. Click here to learn more.

Winchester The House That Ghosts Built

Yay, a movie about Sarah Winchester and here mystery house!

Click here to buy on Amazon.

A Different Theory

The tour guides at the Winchester Mystery House will tell their guests about Sarah Winchester and the ghostly reasons for the strange house she had built. That reason has been explained above. Richard Allan Wagner has written about his theory of what drove the continuous construction of the Winchester Mansion.

On Mr. Wagner claims that all the folklore about Sarah Winchester has been fabricated to make money. Mr. Wagner argues that Sarah was a Rosicrucian and a Freemason and that her beliefs drove the strange construction that was dominated by the number 13. Click here to learn more about Rosicrucian.

It is easy to argue that stories of folklore make money in this situation. I am not convinced that Sarah Winchester was not led by either spirits or spiritualism when having her amazing, huge, and confusing mansion built. Something motivated Sarah to continue with construction for those 36 years. Anyone who has lived through even a small renovation should agree that Sarah was a very motivated and determined lady.

We hope that you have enjoyed this post and that we have shared information that is new to you. Let us know what you would like to learn about next. Have you been to the Winchester Mystery House? If so, please share your experience and impressions with us.


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