Real Haunted Cars

Have you ever wondered if cars can become haunted? I have done some research on some real haunted cars. Let’s get to those stories and then it is up to you to decide for yourself.


The story of a haunted car has been around long enough to be given the Hollywood treatment. The two movies that come to mind first are Christine which was based on the novel by Stephen King and The Car which starred James Brolin. Click here to read about The Car movie. 

What are other “haunted car” movies are out there? There must be more. Let me know what they are in the comment section.

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White House Haunting

We here at Haunted Realities are fascinated by ghost stories. We like to hear them, read them, and share them. We are going to look behind the easily recognised exterior of the most famous “house” in America. Take a look inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with us and learn about some of the former residents that have stuck around long after their life on earth has ended. Let’s look at the white house haunting.

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History of the White House

The cornerstone of the White House was placed on October 13, 1792, in accordance with plans drawn up by architect James Hoban. It was close to completion when the second president of the United States, John Adams and his wife Abigail Adams moved in on November 1, 1800. It cost $232,372 to build the president’s house in a federal district along the Potomac River.

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