The Birch-A Very Scary Short Horror Film

Warning-A graphic video.

“The Birch” 2016     Short Horror Film     Unrated     4 min 42 seconds

The Basics:

A bullied schoolboy gets revenge against his tormentor. He summons an ancient being from the woods using a spellbound book passed down through generations of his family.

Film Makers:

Ben Franklin

Anthony Melton


Aaron Ward

Corrina Marlowe

Charlie Venables

What I thought:

This short video called “The Birch” is something I came across while surfing through YouTube. It is a very scary short horror film. I had to watch it twice. I have seen a ton of horror movies throughout my years but this is a video that really stood out. Not only is it extremely well done but it scared the hell out of me. The Birch is very realistic. There is violence and gore within its short 4 minutes and 42 seconds. Well done I look forward to seeing more from these filmmakers. Check out our article on some terrifying Stephen King books.

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Lights Out Movie Review-A Creepy Thriller

“Lights Out” 2016     Horror/Thriller     PG13     1hr 21 min

The Basics:

An unknown presence is terrifying a young boy. It is only able to be seen and harm you if the lights are off. Can they discover where this supernatural force came from and save a Mother, Sister and the little brother?


David F. Sandberg


Teresa Palmer

Gabriel Bateman

Alexander Dipersia

Billy Burke

Maria Bello


What I Thought:

This is a movie that knows you are afraid of what’s in the dark and it will use that against you. Lots of suspense, a good  story and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the ending, they could have come up with a better one. Other than that not bad.



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The Autopsy Of Jane Doe Review

“The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”- 2016. rated R. 1hour & 27 minutes.

A gory supernatural thriller set in a morgue. It’s not a movie for the squeamish but it has lots of jumps and creepiness to thrill even the hardcore horror fan.

A mysterious woman’s body is found at a gruesome crime scene. The police have asked a father and son mortician team need to figure out what happened. Through the autopsy, things get stranger and stranger and more questions are raised. If they don’t solve this mystery soon it could become bad for them…very bad!

Director: Andre Ovredal: A great job giving a feeling of overall creepiness

Emile Hirsch: The son

Ophelia Lovibond: The son’s girlfriend

Brian Cox: Great job as the father

Olwen Catherine Kelly: Amazing job as “Jane Doe”

This movie is “a cut above the rest”

I actually saw this movie twice. The first time I thought it was ok but it didn’t grab me. When I saw it the second time, I realized this movie really is creepy and some parts gave me a good scare (elevator).

I learned a lot about funeral homes and what an autopsy is all about with this realistic movie.

Anyone who loves gore and a smouldering creepy movie this is it. There is some corpse nudity and with the graphic autopsy definitely not for kids.

Trivia: Stephen King said, “Visceral horror to rival “Alien” and early Cronenberg. Watch it, but not alone”.

I give “The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”  a 7/10.

Its scary, gory, nudity and some great acting. What else do you need in a movie!

Buy or rent The Autopsy Of Jane Doe here with iTunes

Enjoy the show.



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Shudder Horror Movies-Free Trial Period!

Shudder is a website devoted to giving you your horror movie fix. The entire site has only horror titles. They add new titles each month and will allow you to request one if you don’t see it in their huge lineup. There is also a Shudder TV channel-an endless stream of horror. Shudder’s horror movies are new, old thrillers, gory and just released titles. Perfect to keep you awake at night.

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What do I think?-I’m impressed! The price can’t be beat. I am a huge horror fan and to find an area of only these movies and TV series, is awesome. As far as a website to watch streaming horror movies,

shudder horror movies

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