Ghost Tours

The spooky is exciting to me.  The story of well-researched history, that contains murder, mayhem, and a ghost or two is even better.  Since I live in Alberta, I wanted to find out about haunted ghost tours in Alberta.

Edmonton – Ghost Tours

There are different areas of Edmonton that are rich with history and stories of ghosts. I hear excellent things about Edmonton Ghost Tours and the storytelling ability of their tour guides. You will get the chance to explore the streets of Old Strathcona or learn about the history of the University of Alberta and the professors that still roam the hallways. Around Halloween, they offer up Rutherford House, the spirit of a small boy, and coffee and pumpkin pie to top off the evening tour. read more

Strange Things found in Homes

There are many stories out there on the internet about strange things  found in homes. Let’s get to it.

Well, that is Weird!

This first story is the thing of nightmares. Imagine the excitement that Ben and Amber Sessions must have been feeling when they purchased a home in Idaho back in 2009. They had two kids, and Amber was pregnant with their third baby. Their excitement soon turned to horror.  The nightmare part of the story begins when they started to notice snakes in the yard. Ben would remove them from the property by the bucket full. I cannot even! They soon noticed that the water from the well had a funky taste and smell too. Soon they would find out why. read more