County Derry Ireland-A Haunting

County Derry Ireland

Today we shall venture across the Atlantic Ocean and into County Derry. County Derry is also known as County Londonderry in Northern Ireland. There are six counties in Northern Ireland, and County Derry is considered to be one of the four counties in Northern Ireland where the majority of the population identifies as Catholic. With Northern Ireland being part of the United Kingdom it is the Republic of Ireland that calls the area County Derry and it is the British Authorities that refer to the area as County Londonderry.

As with many places in Europe County Derry contains numerous locales that are said to be haunted.  Let’s take a virtual visit to some of them.

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County Derry Ireland

What is Haunted in County Derry Ireland?

The photo above is the former Roe Valley Hospital at Limavady County Derry. The building was a workhouse between 1842 and 1932 where on average 10 people died per week.  Certainly, some of the spirits of the departed are still hanging about.

It has been reported that one night a security guard was taking photos of the building and captured the image of a ghost. At the same spot, people have heard the crying of babies and have seen men and women in uniform. In the photo below, that has been confirmed as a ghost image by the Paranormal Society of Ireland, you will see the ghost of a nurse holding a baby.

IRELAND GHOST NURSE! This pic comes from the former Roe Valley Hospital in Northern Ireland. Legend has it a turn-of-the-century nurse got pregnant out of wedlock and then strangled her infant following delivery. Filled with anguish and remorse, the woman then hanged herself in the hospital and haunts the building to this day. Is that her ghost standing near the door?

The old hospital is still very busy today,  with people working in many different parts of the hospital who have reported strange happenings. Babies have been heard crying by the old Maternity Ward. The security guards found the crying of the phantom babies unnerving. No doubt about that. Ghosts are one thing but ghost babies that are crying would disturb me to no end.  As a parent, I would yearn to comfort them.

In the Nurses Home, which is an outbuilding that the nurses lived in when the hospital was still operating, the guards say they hear different sounds.  The sound of dragging is heard almost nightly according to The guards also will hear the loud wails of a man. People have also been nudged out of the way. Too bad the ghosts don’t use their manners and say, “excuse me.” Although, maybe that would make the whole experience even more frightening.

The kitchen has a resident poltergeist that moves items from time to time. As states, “They have experienced cold spots and heard whispers. But perhaps more strange is that this particular spirit has tried to hold people’s hands.” How romantic? NOT!

Boom Hall

Boom Hall is a once glorious home that was built in 1779 by John Alexander. Boom Hall is located on the banks of the River Foyle. It has passed from family to family and is currently on the edge of collapse.


Boom Hall, Co. Derry - Photo: Colin Colleran, Lost Buildings Of Ireland
Boom Hall, Co. Derry – Photo: Colin Colleran, Lost Buildings Of Ireland

The area is said to be haunted by the ghost of Captain Browning. According to Catherine Cavendish’s article The Haunting of Boom Hall, Captain Browning died of his wounds received when his ship, the Mountjoy, broke through the wooden boom that was erected as a barrier by Jacobean forces to keep food out of the city in 1689. The ghost of Captain Browning may appear when the weather turns misty; a tall figure dressed in a dark blue tailcoat with gold braiding.

Image result for 17th century british navy uniform captains uniform similar to Captain Browning’s

Another ghostly apparition is said to be the ghost of a family relative that was sent to live at Boom Hall to separate her from the young man she loved. The young man was a groomsman and her family did not want her involved with him.  The young man, as the story goes, followed her to Boom Hall and would hide in the stables where the young lady would visit him. His presence was eventually discovered and he had to run away. The family then locked the young lady in her bedroom that was located at the top of the house. The young lady pined for her lover and after a week or two a fire broke out in the locked bedroom. Attempts were made to retrieve the young lady but to no avail and upon searching the ashes no trace of her body was found. Yet, after that terrible event, a servant was approached by a spirit in the long corridor at the top of the house and was guided to the stables by the spirit who held her hand. It is reported that the servant found a brooch that had belonged to the girl and when she took it to the mistress of the house the brooch was taken to be a sign that the young lady had somehow escaped the deadly fire. (

Click here to read about more haunted places.

This story is a bit confusing as it seems to say that the young lady escaped death on the night of the fire, but that she is also the spirit. Whomever the spirit is, she has been sighted on numerous occasions and ghost hunters still like to search for her.


Boom Hall has been fenced off and partially boarded up as it is about to fall to the ground.  The fences and boards have not stopped all ghost hunters though as the fire brigade learned in 2016. They received a call of distress from two young men who had entered Boom Hall to ghost hunt and became trapped.  The rescue took about an hour and a half and just proves that curiosity does not only kill cats but can potentially kill humans too. Safety first people, safety first.


The Other Half



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Kindred Spirits TV Show

Kindred Spirits is a television show the airs on the TLC network in North America. The show’s stars are Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. Amy and Adam travel to help people that claim to be experiencing paranormal activities in their homes. Some of the people on the show contacted either Amy or Adam due to poltergeist activity or seeing shadowy figures. The clients are scared, nervous, and uncomfortable in their homes. They need assistance to figure out what is happening and how to deal with it.

The Stars

Amy Bruni has been investigating the paranormal since she was nine years old. Amy had her first paranormal experience at the age of six in Alameda, California. The first ghost that Amy saw was a man dressed in green. She later discovered that her family’s landlord had lost a son in WWII. Amy’s parents encouraged her to embrace the paranormal and it was her father that took her on her first paranormal investigation. Amy joined SyFy’s Ghost Hunters in 2007 and paranormal investigating became her full-time career. Amy lives in Massachusets with her boyfriend and daughter.

Image result for amy bruni and adam berry Kindred Spirits TV show

Adam Berry had many paranormal experiences in his childhood years. When he was nine years old he was terrorized by what looked like a ghost dog that would scratch at the walls of Adam’s home. Adam became interested in the paranormal after a visit to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. During that trip, Adam saw large white figures in a field and heard loud gunfire and people shouting. This time the experience fascinated him instead of terrifying him. Adam competed on Ghost Hunters Academy and earned a spot on Ghost Hunters in 2010. Adam lives in Massachusets with his husband.


Guest of Kindred Spirits

Image result for chip coffey

Chip Coffey is a world-renowned Psychic Medium who works with various paranormal investigators when they need his skills. Chip often collaborates with Amy and Adam to help bring answers to clients needing help with the paranormal. Chip is a sensitive medium that often feels the pain associated with the injury that caused the death of the ghost. He can communicate with departed spirits and is able to determine if the spirit is harmless or demonic. Chip is a personable, caring, and entertaining medium who occasionally tours Canada and the United States giving talks and doing readings for people. Chip is currently on a Canadian tour that wraps up on October 15, 2017, in Vancouver, BC.


Click here to watch a clip of Chip Coffey on The Queen Latifah Show



Adam and Amy use a special teddy bear named, Boo Buddy, to communicate with spirits of departed children. The Boo Buddy has an EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) meter, a temperature sensor and a vibration sensor within it. The bear will speak when it is interacted with. On Kindred Spirits, they also use video recorders and audio recorders to communicate with spirits.

My Thoughts

I enjoy the Kindred Spirits TV show as the hosts do not scream and freak out when they see or hear a spirit. Amy and Adam are curious about the paranormal and do extensive research and spend hours sitting in the dark to try to find answers for the clients they work with. If they are stumped they ask for help from others in the paranormal industry. While watching their program I believe that I have seen apparitions move across a portion of the screen and have heard the voices of the departed as well. I find it frustrating when I watch a  paranormal program and do not get to witness any paranormal activity. Kindred Spirits delivers the goods, the thrills, and the chills that go along with the subject matter. I encourage you to give it a peak. Kindred Spirits airs Friday nights on TLC 9/8 c time.


The Other Half

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Do Ghosts Have Shadows?

I found myself wondering if ghosts have shadows and decided to see what I could find through researching this subject. What I discovered was that ghosts do not cast shadows but a ghost can be a shadow. Confused yet? Sorry if you are. Let me try to explain what I mean.

A ghost cannot cast a shadow because only solid objects can do that. But a ghost can be seen as a shadow. Those types of ghosts are referred to as shadow figures within the paranormal scene.

Amazon caries many books on ghosts and the paranormal in Kindle, paperback or hardcover. If this subject interests you or if you are looking for anything else have a look at their huge selection.

Shadow figures or shadow people have been explained through different theories within the paranormal world. One theory I found states that if you think you are seeing a shadow figure that your mind is actually filling in the blank areas to make a shape that appears to you as a human would. Shadow figures are usually seen from the corner of your eye as a quick movement. To me, this theory is discounting the existence of shadow figures and explaining them away as an over-active imagination. Therefore this theory seems too simplistic of an explanation.

Do Ghosts Have Shadows? Are They Shadow People?

Another theory regarding shadow figures states that you may see one of these when you awake from a nightmare or night terror. As if the dream state has not ended and the inability to catch your breath is accompanied by seeing a shadowy figure sitting on or pressing down upon your chest. This theory could be a way for our human brain to try to explain what is happening if you wake up with sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is when you wake up and are fully conscious but you cannot physically move. Sleep paralysis is said to occur in about 6% of the population and most often the “victims” are young adults. Scientists believe that stress and sleep deprivation can increase one’s chances of experiencing sleep paralysis. It is said to be terrifying and that sufferers often feel an unseen presence or even see a shadow figure.Do Ghosts Have Shadows?

Yet another theory states that shadow figures are demonic. This theory of them being evil relates to the dark and frightening feeling that the witness has when in the presence of a shadow figure. Often witnesses of shadow figures will communicate that the shape did not seem to be of human origins.

Click here to watch a video of Psychic Medium, Amy Allen speaking about shadow people on her TV Show “The Dead Files.”    
I hope you have learned something new today or at the very least I have given you something to think about. Let us know if you have had experience with a shadow figure or any other type of spirit. We would love to learn of any paranormal experiences you have had.


The Other Half

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Static and Ghosts

I have been researching the relationship of static and ghosts. As with most topics in the paranormal field, there are some conflicting ideas. We will delve into the different ideas in this post.

What is Static?

Static or static electricity is defined as a stationary electric charge built up on an insulating material. In other words static electricity is the imbalance of positive and negative charges. According to (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena), ghosts or spirits do not cause static electricity.

Are Ghosts to Blame?

According to (Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena), ghosts or spirits do not cause static electricity. The A.S.S.A.P. website states that there is no scientific evidence of a link between ghosts and static electricity.

Click here to learn about the Sallie House.

Visual Static

Medium, Amanda Linette Meder, has said: “in the moments just before a spirit visually appears, static-like energy appears in the space…it’s one of the ways that Spirit manifests visually.” (2015, Meder, Seeing Static? The Spiritual Meaning Behind Visual Snow) The visual snow type of static that Amanda makes reference to is similar in appearance to the snow that used to happen to television sets. Or as below.

Image result for static

Have you experienced visual static? What are your thoughts on the subject? Let us know.


The Other Half


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Ed and Lorraine Warren-Paranormal Investigators

Ed and Lorraine Warren are well known in the paranormal investigation field.  They have led an interesting life and in this article, we will discover what that looked like.

Ed Warren

Ed Warren was born on September 7, 1926, in Connecticut and passed away on August 23, 2006, at the age of 79. In his early life, Ed had personal experiences with what he felt was a paranormal presence in his family home. It was in his early years that he encountered what he called a ghost globule.

A ghost globule is known by other names such as a ghost orb, or a ghost nebula. They may appear as a circle of light when photographed.

Ed and Lorraine Warren-Amityville Horror

Ed was only 16 years old when he first met Lorraine Rita Moran who had been born on January 31, 1927. At that time Ed was working as an usher in theatre in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Ed and Lorraine became friends and eventually, he asked her out on a date. The rest is history.Ed and Lorraine Warren

Ed Warren joined the United States Navy when he turned 17. That was 1943, right in the middle of WWII. Ed’s ship sank in the North Atlantic and he received a 30-day-survivor’s leave. This allowed him the chance to marry Lorraine. Ed returned to continue the fight for victory in WWII.  After the end of the war, Ed and Lorraine started a family with the birth of their daughter. Ed also attended Perry Art School until he realized he knew more about painting than the instructors did.

Ed supported his family by selling his paintings to tourists in the NE states. They did well and had fun. But Ed was always intrigued by the paranormal. He began to use his artistic talents to gain entrance into houses or places that he had heard were haunted. The story goes that Ed would set up in the middle of the road in front of a rumoured haunted home and begin sketching the house with ghosts entering and leaving the home. Lorraine would then knock on the door and using her natural charm would begin a conversation about her husband’s love of sketching haunted houses. This would more often than not end with the Warren’s being invited into the home where they would then learn about the paranormal experiences of the residents. Lorraine was Ed’s sidekick from the beginning.

Initially, Lorraine did not believe in the paranormal. Through Ed’s curiosity and determination to speak with people that had experienced events similar to his, Lorraine became a believer.

New England Society for Psychic Research

Ed and Lorraine Warren began the New England Society for Psychic Research and The Warren’s Occult Museum in 1952.  Over their extensive career, Ed and Lorraine, have investigated over 10,000 paranormal events. They became well known for investigating demonic hauntings and possession. The Warren’s worked side-by-side until Ed’s passing in 2006.  Some of the notable cases that the Warren’s worked on are:

  • Amityville in New York, the story was the basis for the movies, The Amityville Horror, made in 1979, and again in 2005
  • The Demon Murder Trial in Connecticut
  • The “Werewolf Demon” possession of Bill Ramsey in 1983
  • The Smurl Family Haunting
  • The Perron Family Haunting, the story was the basis for the movie, The Conjuring, made in 2013
  • Stepney Cemetary
  • Borley Church
  • Union Cemetary in Easton, Connecticut
  • The Snedeker Family Haunting, the story was the basis for the movie, The Haunting in Connecticut, made in 2009

Currently, the Warren’s Occult Museum is closed due to zoning regulations. It will re-open to the public if a new location for the museum can be found. We hope it reopens as it houses hundreds of items from locations that experienced supernatural events. One of the most awe-inspiring items housed in the museum is the Annabelle Doll. Click here to read my article about it.

Image result for ed and lorraine warren Ed and Lorraine Warren

The above photos are of the real Warren’s and the actor’s who portrayed them in a movie about the Amityville Horror.

Lorraine Warren is now over 90 years old. She has lived an amazing life full of adventure. Lorraine has stated that Ed wanted her to continue their work after his passing and she has done that. Lorraine has been seen on different television shows including Paranormal State with host Ryan Buell. It was through that program that we first learned of her and Ed. I am pleased to say that as of the summer of 2017 Lorraine has decided to officially retire. Lorraine has passed the torch to the next generation as her son-in-law, Tony Spera, has taken over operations of NESPR and the Warren’s Occult Museum. The Society and Museum are in good hands. Tony has worked with Ed and Lorraine for over 30 years.

We here at HauntedRealities wish Lorraine and Tony well. May the future be bright for them and their family.


The Other Half


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What is a Psychic?

The subject of psychics is immense. There is a ton of information regarding not only what psychic abilities are, but how to increase your own abilities, and what you should know before visiting a psychic. Let’s explore this mysterious world and find out “what is a psychic”.

Psychic Abilities

  • According to a article written by Sally Painter, the following list is the different types of psychic abilities people may have.

    Astral Projection-Astral projection is the ability to achieve a different level of consciousness.  This is obtained through meditation and is said to be a voluntary process.

    What is a psychic

    Out-of-Body Experience (OBE) and Near Death Experience (NDE)- Now you might ask, what is the difference between astral projection and an out-of-body experience? Aren’t they the same thing?  No, and the main difference is that an OBE is considered involuntary and can happen when frightened, threatened, hurt, or for no apparent reason. Some people experience OBEs when they have a Near Death Experience (NDE). In the book, The Nightmare Encyclopedia: Your Darkest Dreams Interpreted, authors Jeff Belanger and Kirsten Dalley describe OBEs of NDE survivors floating above their bodies as their death scene unfolds below them.

    Side note: My wife, Val, used to have OBEs as a child.  She attributes them to the stress of her family breaking up. She had the experiences at the end of her Grade 4 school year when the family was scattering to different parts of the province and she ended up as the only child to live with her mother and new stepfather.  Val has said that the experience did not last for a long period of time but she would feel that she was outside of herself, watching what was happening for just a minute or so. The feeling or sensation was significant to her as she still remembers them many years later.

    Aura Reading-Some psychics are able to see and therefore “read” peoples auras. An aura is an energy that your body emits and it appears to those with the ability to see them as different colours.  The different colours have different meanings and are interpreted as showing how you doing emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

    Automatic Writing-The New World Encyclopedia states automatic writing doesn’t occur from the conscious mind.  The writing is generated while channelling spirits. This was popular during a séance with the medium often going into a trance-like state. The Spiritualism Movement that began in the late 1840’s embraced this form of mediumship in the 1920s. Automatic writing was also popular within the Surrealist Movement (the 1920s) when artists used automatic writing as a tool to induce their flow of creativity.

    Channeling-The First Spiritual Temple (founded 1883) describes channelling as the use of a medium for communication with a disembodied spirit. People who have this ability are called “mediums” because they serve as a medium or vessel for this communication. Some mediums allow the spirit to take control of their bodies similar to automatic writing, yet other mediums don’t relinquish control over their bodies.

    To someone who has spent time watching programs and learning about possession from Ryan Buell, and Lorraine Warren, I would be very wary of channelling. But on a lighter note think of Whoopi Goldberg’s character channelling Patrick Swayze’s character in the movie Ghost.

    Click here to read my article about mediums

    Clairaudience-The ability to tune in and hear what the spirit world is communicating, including music.

    Claircognizance-Empathetic Perspectives explains claircognizance is also known as clear knowing or clear recognition. Psychics with this ability can know things without having any previous knowledge about the topic. This knowledge is inexplicable, but the psychic “knows” it to be true. Psychics believe that the knowledge is communicated to them by spirits, or spirit guides.
    Psychic. Crystal ball

    Clairvoyance-The Llewellyn Encyclopedia defines clairvoyance as being one of the several psychic abilities known as “supranormal visual talents.” This ability refers to seeing visions of events, people and places beyond physical eyesight. Clairvoyance includes seeing the past, present, and future events. It is often thought to be the same as extrasensory perception or ESP.

    Clairsentience-According to Psychic Elements, another supranormal psychic ability is clairsentience. This isn’t a physical ability to feel, such as touching an object. It’s the ability to feel or sense something beyond the physical realm. A person with clairsentience is able to sense the presence of a spirit or other energies. This ability has also been described as a knowing. For example, a psychic with this ability can meet someone for the first time and know their name or their birthday. The Psychic Library states that those with this ability are able to “feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of people.” The ability works in unison with psychometry and aura sensing to allow the psychic to pick up information from buildings, geographical locations and objects. I am left hoping that psychics with these abilities also have the ability to turn them off.  Otherwise, it must be incredibly distracting to travel or experience historical locales. I would love to hear from a psychic who can tell me how they turn this ability off.

    Divination- The Paranormal Encyclopedia describes divination as a practice used to find answers by the observation of various natural signs believed to come from the spiritual world. A psychic can use dowsing, tarot cards, tea leaves, crystal balls, pendulums, Ouija boards, bibliomancy, and “scrying” to obtain answers.

    Click to read more about Ouija boards

    Empathy- A psychic with empathic abilities is able to feel another person’s emotions as well as their physical pains. The ability is involuntary, but the psychic can learn to control how they react to these often confusing feelings that don’t belong to them. I believe this is a common ability that many people have, and it involves the ability to read body language and have compassion.

    ESP (Extrasensory Perception)-Perhaps one of the best-known psychic abilities is ESP (Extrasensory Perception) that are often called the sixth sense. Encyclopaedia Britannica describes ESP as an independent sensory perception. It also states ESP is an ability to perceive things that others might not. ESP is grouped with other psychic abilities, such as telepathy and clairvoyance.

    Intuition- Intuition is an innate “sense” of events, thoughts, activities, or feelings of others that are outside of the normal human ability to perceive them. An intuitive person has a borderline psychic perception.

    I have always thought of intuition as that “little voice or gut feeling” that I occasionally experience when meeting someone new or entering a new relationship whether that be a new job or a new pursuit. I get the best results when I listen to and obey my intuition. Trust me when I say that the times I have ignored it have ended in both emotional and physical pain.

    Bare Hand Surgeons- The other type of psychic surgeons are known as the Filipino Bare Hand Surgeons who practice the ancient Asian art of energy incision surgery. The energy incision is made, and the surgeon plunges his or her bare hands into the patient’s body to remove diseased tissues or correct an internal disorder. The energetic incision automatically heals once the surgery is over. Psychic surgery has a controversial history plagued by hoaxes and charlatans.

    Precognition- The Psychic Library explains precognition as the ability to see future events or have prior knowledge of an event. This is often done through the use of other psychic abilities, such as ESP (Extrasensory Perception) or clairvoyance. There are several ways that a psychic receives details of a future event. This can be in a vision or a flash of knowledge about the impending event. I believe that psychics or psychic mediums that help solve crimes have a strong precognition ability.

    Psychometry- The Psychic Library describes the psychic ability of psychometry as utilizing one or more other abilities, such as clairsentience, clairaudience, or clairvoyance. The psychic can pick up information, impressions, events, thoughts, and even visions of a place or object. This often involves the sense of touch and psychics believe that objects can hold emotions or memories of the person who owned them.

    Telepathy- Esoteric Science states telepathy uses physical senses in order to create a direct communication between individuals through thoughts, emotions, and imagery.

    There are three types of telepathy that include:

    •   Instinctional– This form of telepathy is subconsciously controlled and the lesser of the three. It’s the type of communication a mother and child have and is often based on an emotional tie. These communications are vague and often subtle forms of impressions.
    • Intuitional: This form of telepathy is strictly mind-to-mind with direct communications absent of any possible misunderstandings or misinterpretations.
    • Intellectual: This form of telepathy is about entire concepts being communicated in the blink of an eye with a complete understanding between the two participants. It has been studied and reported that twins can have this ability to communicate with each other and even feel each other’s pain when they are not near one another.

    Animal Telepathy- Psychics with the ability to communicate telepathically with animals are known as pet psychics. Psychics with this ability believe they can establish a psychic connection with the thoughts and feelings of animals. Some people believe that people who excel at training animals tend to have this form of telepathy without realizing it. Debbie McGillivray is a professional Animal Communicator and Pet Intuitive and explains her ability as receiving thoughts, images, feelings and even words from animals either in-person or over distances.

    How Can I Become a Psychic?

    If you are curious about developing psychic abilities you can check out, or  There are fees involved, of course, but pursuing the training is up to you.  Let me know how it goes if you proceed. Would love to have a review of the programs.

    I Want to Visit a Psychic

    William Stillman suggests that you consider these things before consulting a psychic.

    -Be open to the experience.  Don’t go into a reading with a set agenda.

    -Allow the psychic to guide the session. This means that the psychic should do the talking and your job is to acknowledge the information you are receiving if it resonates with you.

    -Listen for credible details. An authentic psychic will be able to tell you bits of information that are not common knowledge to others. But also understand that you may not fully understand a message until you have had time with it after the session.  This is referred to as “psychic amnesia.”

    -Are you booked to see a psychic or a medium? Yes, there is a difference. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Know what you want and decide accordingly which type of a professional you want to see.

    -Terminate any session that does not feel right. A psychic can sometimes have a difficult time connecting with someone. If that happens the psychic will stop the session and will not charge for the time they have spent with you.  Do not listen to someone who claims they are a psychic who can tell you the winning lottery numbers, or who wants you to pay more, or buy items from them. Do not fall for a fake.

    Like any type of relationship, whether it’s with your dentist or a psychic, you should feel comfortable. I would not continue to see a dentist that I felt was ripping me off, nor would I stay with a psychic that had me feeling ripped off either.

    Have you been to a psychic, or a medium? If you wish to share your experience I would love to read about it.  Comment below.


    Bill and The Other Half


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Why do Ghosts say “Boo?”

Why do ghosts say, “boo?”  Let’s talk about the history of the word boo, and is it supposed to scare us mere mortals, or not?

According to the author, Forrest Wickman, the first appearance in print of the word boo occurred in 1738 written by Gilbert Crokatt who defined it as, “a word that’s used in the north of Scotland to frighten crying children.” Before anyone feels offended that the Scotts use to try to frighten crying children, we should remember that until recently children were meant to be seen, not heard.  The world was harsh, and fear was often used to make children behave. I was a child in the 1970’s and ’80’s when fear was still a common means of discipline. We survived it, I’m sure the Scottish children did too. Wickman states that variations of the word boo such as bo and boh, have appeared in books 500 years ago. Since boo is monosyllabic it can be said quickly, and with the “B” at the beginning, it can also be said loudly, and with force. This makes the word perfect in the English language for startling someone, especially a child.

Boo Who? 

Click here to read about the Ghost emoji.

White Sheet

Now I have yet to encounter a Ghost. Oh please, let it happen soon. I have, of course, encountered many children dressed in a white sheet saying, “boooooooooooh” on Halloween. Usually, they are trying to be scary in a cute way. When someone on stage is booed it means that the audience is displeased with either the performance or with what is being said.  I like to think that if I ever meet a ghost that says “boooo” that the ghost is displeased with the lack of excitement and entertainment value in my life.  At least that way I won’t wet my pants!

Modern slang now uses the word boo as a pet name meaning boyfriend or girlfriend. Nothing scary there, I hope.

Watch below for another theory on the why ghosts say “Boo”. I would love to read your comments on this or any other post.

Cheers! I mean BOOOOOOOO

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Are Ouija Boards dangerous?-Many People Say Yes

In this article, I will attempt to answer the question of are Ouija boards dangerous? Ouija boards started as a board game developed and sold by Hasbro dating back to 1890.  The name Ouija is said to come from “oui” the French word for yes, and “ja” the German word for yes.

In my childhood I played with Ouija boards on an occasion or two, admittedly this was before I had heard any warnings about their use.  I was a bit tentative about playing with the Ouija board as a friend told me it was used to communicate with dead people. That made me equal parts scared and excited. I did not have any luck communicating with a spirit in my childhood, and upon learning more, I am glad I didn’t.

I spent hours watching various television programs about spirits, or the paranormal. I am always curious, although I will remain somewhat sceptical until I have my own experience with the paranormal. Ryan Buell of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS), and of the A&E television show, “Paranormal State,” has stated in the past that he believes Ouija boards are dangerous and can cause evil spirits to find you, and follow you. That is not at all appealing to me.  It was through Ryan Buell and his television show that I learned of Lorraine Warren.

Lorraine Warren and her late husband, Ed, are well known in the paranormal community and are highly regarded for their knowledge of spirits, and demons.  They have researched and spent time in many notorious haunted locations, such as the Amityville Horror house. Ed Warren has been known to say “we are warning not to use Ouija boards, not to go to seances, and not to practice the occult.”  While Lorraine has said, “Seventy-five percent of our cases come about through the use of Ouija boards.”  Now some people may be sceptical or may believe that these words were only said to bolster the mystery of the Warren’s. Lorraine, who is now 90 years old, still consults with others that work with the paranormal and she has experienced events that would have made other people run for the hills.

Click here to read more about the Warren’s.

So are Ouija boards dangerous?

Some people may believe that the Ouija board cannot do you any harm and that it is common sense to know that.  I can only provide you, the curious, with information and ask you to do some research yourself before using an Ouija board. If you have any misgivings, or if you feel uncomfortable about the use of Ouija boards you should leave them alone. I, for one, will leave them alone as I am a cautious, yet curious person. But I will use my common sense that tells me to believe both Ryan Buell and Lorraine Warren as they are the experts.

Please let me know your thoughts. Any Ouija board experiences?





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