Ghost Radar: Legacy

Do you want to have some fun? Or do you want to be scared witless? Or maybe you just want to start a conversation? If you want any of those things I have a suggestion for you. Get yourself the Ghost Radar Legacy app for your iPhone or Android. Then explore and let us know if you discover any paranormal activity.

Ghost Radar: Legacy

Ghost Radar Legacy is an app for smartphones. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and soon you will want to throw a little money at it to get rid of the ads. I chose to spend $2.79 CDN (I think) to get rid of the ads and add more storage by purchasing the basic package. If you only wish to be rid of the ads it will cost only $1.39 CDN to make that happen.

Lesia Miller Schnur, otherwise known as the Haunted Librarian uses the app on her smartphone during paranormal investigations. Lesia says “Ghost Radar: Legacy is easy to use and generates some interesting — and relevant– words. In addition, I am successful in capturing orbs and light anomalies by watching the energy signals.”

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Spud Pickles has created the app and says that it is for entertainment purposes while it is a “portable application designed to detect paranormal activity.”

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Navigation Tabs

Vox- the radar utilizes a proprietary algorithm that analyses quantum flux.

“The manufacturers caution that this is not an EMF detector; nor does it detect gravity.” (Miller Schnur)

Radar- the program runs an intelligent energy detection that identifies intense energy signals in various signal of energy. The scanned area can vary from the immediate up to 50 yards away.

Words– the program will display words across the radar screen it keeps track of these words and once set up the program can email the results to you.

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Ghost radar available on Amazon

Spud Pickles has a spot on the internet where Ghost Radar app users can share the results from their investigations. The stories are interesting and entertaining and some are just plain spine-tingling. I know that I look forward to spending some time with this app while exploring different locales. I’m happy to report that so far it hasn’t found any spirits in my home but I’m not surprised by that as we are the first occupants of this house. I will let you all know what I find as I will be travelling soon. I am excited that I may have entertaining stories to tell.



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