Byberry Mental Hospital

Byberry Mental Hospital

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Byberry Mental Hospital holds a special place in history. Images taken there highlighted the need for changes to be made in the treatment and housing of the mentally ill. Byberry is where many conscientious objectors worked during WWII. One of those CO’s was a compassionate man named Charlie Lord. Charlie Lord would sneak a camera into the hospital and he captured 36 photographs that were later published in Life magazine in May 1946. “The photos reminded the American people of photos from Nazi Concentration Camps. So it created a kind of mass uproar, nationally.” ( read more

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe

image of the autopsy of jane doe

“The Autopsy Of Jane Doe”- 2016. rated R. 1hour & 27 minutes.

A gory supernatural thriller set in a morgue. It’s not a movie for the squeamish but it has lots of jumps and creepiness to thrill even the hardcore horror fan.

A mysterious woman’s body is found at a gruesome crime scene. The police have asked a father and son mortician team need to figure out what happened. Through the autopsy, things get stranger and stranger and more questions are raised. If they don’t solve this mystery soon it could become bad for them…very bad!

Director: Andre Ovredal: A great job giving a feeling of overall creepiness read more

Insane Asylum Horror

In this post, we will take a walk through an abandoned insane asylum. Abandoned asylums must be the spookiest type of buildings to visit. In the past, I have spent time visiting within the walls of an asylum that was still operating and that was unsettling enough.

The unsettling and spooky feeling likely comes from the combination of the asylum architecture and the mental illnesses that the patients experience.

I admire the professionals that work with and help the patients and I admire the strength of those that suffer from mental illness and have to deal with not only the symptoms but the societal stigma and judgement that comes with their illness. read more

Ghost Radar: Legacy

Do you want to have some fun? Or do you want to be scared witless? Or maybe you just want to start a conversation? If you want any of those things I have a suggestion for you. Get yourself the Ghost Radar Legacy app for your iPhone or Android. Then explore and let us know if you discover any paranormal activity.

Ghost Radar: Legacy

Ghost Radar Legacy is an app for smartphones. It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and soon you will want to throw a little money at it to get rid of the ads. I chose to spend $2.79 CDN (I think) to get rid of the ads and add more storage by purchasing the basic package. If you only wish to be rid of the ads it will cost only $1.39 CDN to make that happen. read more

Do I have a Ghost in my House?

One of the most unnerving and scary experiences you can have is when you are wondering if you have a ghost in your house. I know there are people that will immediately believe your home is haunted while others will be very sceptical. But if you are truly curious or concerned about your home being haunted I invite you to read on to learn what you should do and what steps you can take to rid yourself of the roommate that doesn’t help with the rent or mortgage. We are here to help you figure out an answer to the question “Do I have a ghost in my house?”

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