Do Ghosts Have Shadows?

I found myself wondering if ghosts have shadows and decided to see what I could find through researching this subject. What I discovered was that ghosts do not cast shadows but a ghost can be a shadow. Confused yet? Sorry if you are. Let me try to explain what I mean.

A ghost cannot cast a shadow because only solid objects can do that. But a ghost can be seen as a shadow. Those types of ghosts are referred to as shadow figures within the paranormal scene.

Shadow figures or shadow people have been explained through different theories within the paranormal world. One theory I found states that if you think you are seeing a shadow figure that your mind is actually filling in the blank areas to make a shape that appears to you as a human would. Shadow figures are usually seen from the corner of your eye as a quick movement. To me, this theory is discounting the existence of shadow figures and explaining them away as an over-active imagination. Therefore this theory seems too simplistic of an explanation. read more

Definition of Fear

The definition of fear is: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous is a threat or will possibly cause pain.(N)

OR To be afraid of something or someone that is likely to be threatening, dangerous or able to cause pain. (V)

To put it in the simplest terms fear is a survival mechanism. It is an emotion that helps us to survive. Feeling fear triggers the fight or flight response within the temporal lobe of the brain called amygdala. This then releases hormones and neurochemicals that increase both your breathing and heart rate. This causes an increase in blood to the muscles so they are ready for the fight or the flight. This has been said to be a survival reaction from the dawn of time. Cavemen needed to be able to fight or run away from the many perils to their existence back when Saber Tooth Tigers still roamed the land. read more