Scary Halloween Costumes For Couples – These ones are head turners

Halloween is our favourite day of the year. It is a terrific holiday to celebrate with family and friends. Dressing up and trick or treating isn’t just for kids, and for adults that want to participate in Halloween couple’s costumes are the best. The costumes can be cheeky, punny, or scary. In this list, we are looking at the scary Halloween Costumes for couples that are available online. Here are our picks for the best scary Halloween costumes for couples.

costumes for couples

1. Chucky and the Bride of Chucky Costumes

Chucky and The Bride of Chucky are great horror flicks. They are kind of scary, and kind of campy, and the characters make for a fabulous and unexpected Halloween couple's costume.

Click here for the Bride costume.

Click here for the Chucky costume.

2. Zombie School Girl and School Boy Costumes

This couple's costume combines the forbidden "sexiness" of the schoolgirl uniform with the variety of the zombie look. Zombies can be anything from pale-skinned bloody messes to rotting flesh and exposed bones. So have fun with the Halloween makeup and accessories and make it your own.

Click here for the Zombie School Girl costume.

Click here for the Zombie School Boy costume.

3. Mummy Couple or Mummy Family Costumes

Mummies are another one of those adjustable Halloween costumes. You can cover or show as much "flesh" as you desire and the face makeup can be pale with bags under the eyes or glamourous if that is preferred.

Click here for the Women's Mummy costume.

Click here for the Men's Mummy costume.

4. Voodoo Witch and Voodoo Priest Costumes

These Voodoo costumes are awesome. Part of what makes voodoo freaky is that it is real. The costumes can be accessorized and customized to make a scarier impact on Halloween. Add a voodoo doll or a headless chicken and take the authenticity even further.

Click here for the Voodoo Witch costume.

Click here for the Voodoo Priest Doctor costume.

5. Vampires of the Dreadful Sort Costumes

Vampires are the living dead and not much is scarier than that. Plus they drink the blood of humans so they are actually predatory dead creatures. The costumes are extremely customizable as vampires have appeared in the literature and movies set in the middle ages, right up to present day. So have fun with it. Wearing a set of fangs dipped in blood is always a great way to spend Halloween.

Click here for the Dreadful Vampiress costume.

Click here for the Dreadful Vampire costume.

6. Jack Skellington and Sally Costumes

Are you a fan of the movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas? If so, you may want to dress as Jack Skellington and Sally with your significant other. These costumes are high quality and comfortable. Yes, even Jack's mask is comfy.

Click here for the Sally costume.

Click here for the Jack Skellington costume.

7. Countess and Gentleman Ghost Costumes

Add a bit of sophistication to the celebrations of All Hallows Eve with these costumes. The Countess costume is elegant with her evening dress and optional Marie Antionette powdered wig. While the Gentleman's Ghost costume makes a statement with its top hat and tails. Take your Ghost Game up a notch with these costumes.

Click here for the Countess Ghost costume.

Click here for the Gentleman's Ghost costume.

8. Beetlejuice and Lydia Costumes

Another costume set for the movie lovers out there. This time it is Beetlejuice and Lydia. Capture the essence of Lydia in this Red Wedding Dress costume, and of course, Beetlejuice should be dressed in his unique white and black striped suit. Don't forget the crazy wig!

Click here for the Lydia costume.

Click here for the Beetlejuice costume.

9. Angel and Devil Costumes

Devils are scary. And it can be argued that both angels and the devil are real. This particular angel is a dark angel so she leans a little closer to the devil side than she does to the angel side. Have fun. Be mischevious and a bit evil this Halloween.

Click here for the Women's Dark Angel costume.

Click here for the Men's Devil costume.

10. Uncle Fester and Wednesday Addams Costumes

Another costume set for the television and movie fans of The Addams Family, but with a twist. Instead of being the all-too-common Morticia and Gomez Addams costumes we chose the lesser known characters of Uncle Fester and Wednesday Addams. Wednesday Addams was the original Goth Girl and you can have fun with her pale deadpan face and the goofiness of Uncle Fester.

Click here for the Wednesday Addams costume.

Click here for the Uncle Fester costume.

Thanks for stopping buy and checking out these scary Halloween costumes for couples.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Toys For Dogs

Dogs are increasingly becoming the favourite pets of people around the world. People love their dogs as much as they love their children and friends. They spoil them with clothes, beds, and toys. There is an ever-increasing number of employers that encourage their employees to bring their dog to work. Heck, even us here at Haunted Realities have two very special Jack Russell Terriers that are often in the office. We have put them in charge of employee morale and they do a fantastic job.

We enjoy the chance to get the dogs new toys for their birthday, Christmas, and Halloween. Oh, who are we kidding? We love to give gifts to the office dogs to celebrate a day ending in “y”, their hard work deserves to be rewarded after all.

This list is going to focus on Halloween Toys for Dogs.

1. Hugglehounds-Halloween Black Cat Knot Toy

dog toy

This Black Cat Knot Toy is the perfect dog toy for Halloween. The knots tied in its arms and legs are great for chewing, this will keep your dog occupied and help clean their teeth, which helps to keep your pooch healthy.

 Click here for the price.

2. Hugglehounds-Dog Halloween Zombie 3pk

Zombies and Halloween go together like hamburgers and cheese. This 3-pack of knotted dog toys is a terrific value for your precious pup. The zombies are great to chew on or to retrieve during a game of fetch.

Click here for the price.

3. Outward Hound - Halloween Devil Squeaky Dog Toy

The Halloween Devil Squeaky Dog Toy is so cute and squeaky that your dog will love it. If your dog is a squeak killer like Milo, the office dog, this is the toy for them. Milo loves to chew and chew until the squeak can no longer make a sound. It keeps his brain activated and his teeth clean. Chew on young Milo!

Click here for the price.

4. Outward Hound - Halloween Wolf Squeaker Mat for Dogs

Oh, this one is FUN! The Outward Hound - Halloween Wolf Squeaker Mat for Dogs contains 8 squeakers. It is perfect for those dogs that love to squeak and shake their toys into submission.

Click here for the price.

5. Dogit - Vinyl Zombie Chicken Dog Toy

If you want to freak out your neighbours while playing fetch with your dog, the Dogit - Vinyl Zombie Chicken Dog Toy is the toy to help you do that. It is a dog safe quality vinyl toy of the creepy variety. With eyes that pop out of their sockets and an exposed esophagus, this chicken looks like a true zombie. I can just see it now, your dog dressed in a costume with Zombie Chicken hanging from their mouth while you all go trick or treating this Halloween. That would turn some heads.

Click here for the price.


Happy Halloween, and love your dog daily.


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The Devil’s Playground-An Urban Legend Near Calgary, Alberta

The Devil’s Playground turns out to be a popular name for movies. I have found at least four different productions that go by this name. The Devil’s Playground is a movie from 1976 about a 13-year-old boy named, Tom, and the physical and emotional challenges Tom experiences while living in a Catholic Seminary. It is also the title of a movie from 2002 about the Amish tradition of rumspringa. Rumspringa is a time in life when a 16-year-old teenager raised within the Amish community has a chance to experience the outside world to determine if they will stay in there or join the Amish community in their Christian beliefs. The title was used again in 2010 for a British horror film about the zombie apocalypse. The Devil’s Playground is also a documentary the debuted at the 2017 Calgary Comic Expo. It is this documentary about the urban legend that will be the focus of this post.

Urban Legend of The Devils Playground

The story goes that in the early 1900’s a nun became crazed after making a pact with the devil. The devil caused the nun to light a schoolhouse on fire and all of the children within the schoolhouse died in the fire. The spirits of the deceased children have haunted the land ever since and when workmen were brought in to remove the remains of the building the workmen became sick and their equipment broke down.

the Devil's Playground
image from

Dori Davidson-Revill is a filmmaker who first heard the tale of the Devil’s Playground when he was in high school. Mr. Davidson-Revill spent five years looking into the tale. He spent time finding the actual location of the story, he interviewed eyewitnesses and spoke with the owner of the land located at 84 Street and 9 Avenue SE in Calgary, AB. The house in the picture no longer stands and the owner, Don Ellis, has passed away.

Mr. Davidson-Revill has reported that Don Ellis told him that as the landowner he was more concerned about human trespassers than he was about ghosts. Mr. Ellis had said that some trespassers would carry weapons with them when they illegally entered the property to ghost hunt. (

The Devils Playground
James Kennedy film editor and Dori Davidson-Revill filmmaker

The main challenge with this urban legend was trying to determine where the schoolhouse stood. Some people believe that the location was near Symon’s Valley Ranch in the NW area of Calgary, while others were sure it once stood on land that was on the outskirts of the SE area of Calgary. Dori Davidson-Revill believes that the schoolhouse stood at the location that Don Ellis owned. The Ellis family had run a school at that location until the 1950s. But the urban legend said the school burned down in the early 1900s, what gives?

 View on Amazon

People have claimed to see handprints on foggy car windows, to hear the laughter of children, and to have found animal bones arranged in patterns around the property. Some have claimed to have seen an apparition of a young girl with a red ball.

Like most urban legends the story creates as many questions as it answers. Is the legend true? Is the place haunted? Get your eyes on a copy of The Devil’s Playground Documentary by Dori Davidson-Revill and learn the answers.


The Other Half



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