Bloody Mary Ghost Story: Not Just The Cocktail

Let’s talk about the Bloody Mary ghost story, first of the history of the real woman Mary Tudor then of the game, and lastly the cocktail. I hope to share some information that you did not know before. Here goes.

Mary Tudor


The bloody mary ghost story

Mary Tudor was born to King Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon on February 18, 1516, in Greenwich, England at the Palace of Placentia. Knowing who her father was it does not come as a surprise that she did not live the easiest, happiest life. King Henry VIII wanted a male heir, and partly because of that he caused great pain to many when he managed to have his marriage to Catherine of Aragon annulled. What a mess he created when he insisted on the end of the marriage. But that is a whole other post or book. As I was researching the sad history of Mary Tudor I read the article The True Story of Bloody Mary, The Woman Behind the Mirror, written by Krissy Howard and learned that at the age of 17, Mary was no longer allowed to see her mother. Mary also knew that because she was born female that she was not enough for her father and therefore had caused the exile of her own mother. Imagine what that must have been like? Mary’s Daddy then married Anne Boleyn with all his hopes pinned on producing a male heir. Anne Boleyn ends up having a baby girl who was named Elizabeth. Oops, Anne’s days were numbered. Anne wanted to protect her daughter’s future succession and she managed to get Parliament to declare Mary illegitimate. Gee, thanks, Step-mom, you rock. Mary was then outside of the line of succession and was forced to be the lady-in-waiting for her half-sister, Elizabeth. (

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