The Axe-A Short Story

The axe swung through the air with all the strength he had. The blade was sharp, it had been sharpened only an hour earlier and it was eager to cut. He had fought earlier with his wife over something small, doesn’t matter what, it still pissed him off. He was mad enough to do something he might regret.

When a sharpened axe is swung at full force there is no stopping it. It will continue, ready to do its job. The axe continued down, sweat fell from his forehead and beaded on the now lowered axe handle.

The sound of the crack was out of place in the quiet afternoon.The birch log split easily from the weight of the axe. His wife stepped over and said, “I’m sorry about our fight.” “Me too,” ┬áhe replied. ” I will get that fire going and we will get the hot dogs out”. A crow screeched in a tree as the afternoon sun peeked out from behind a cloud.

I hope you enjoyed my very short story, please let me know what you think.


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