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Strange Things found in Homes-snakes, snakes, snakes


There are many stories out there on the internet about strange things found in homes. Let’s get to it.

Well, that is Weird!

This first story is the thing of nightmares. Imagine the excitement that Ben and Amber Sessions must have been feeling when they purchased a home in Idaho back in 2009. They had two kids, and Amber was pregnant with their third baby. Their excitement soon turned to horror.  The nightmare part of the story begins when they started to notice snakes in the yard. Ben would remove them from the property by the bucket full. I cannot even! They soon noticed that the water from the well had a funky taste and smell too. Soon they would find out why.

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Imagine being in bed at night and hearing slithering inside the walls of your home. Ben removed a piece of a wall and dozens of snakes tumbled out. It turned out that the house was on top of a snake den! Dear Lord. The funky smell and taste of their well- water were determined to be the musk that snakes release to warn off predators, and the snakes would also defecate in the well.  This meant that the Sessions family was at risk of catching salmonella, and tapeworms.  The Sessions ended up having to declare bankruptcy and they abandoned the house.  Ben was suffering from PTSD of the snake kind.

The Sessions went to the media about the snake house of horrors when they noticed it was back up for sale.  Good for them, they did the right thing, unlike the realtor in that situation. On, Brian Obudho tells the following story:

The new owners of a bungalow in Houston discovered human remains in an attic wall. They were moving into the new home when they discovered the remains in a gap in the wall. They also came across a pair of eyeglasses that resembled those worn by the house’s previous owner, 61-year-old Mary Cerruti.

Cerruti had been declared missing by the police in 2015 after neighbours noticed that her mail was piling up and she had not been seen.  In 2013, Mary had openly expressed her dissatisfaction with an upcoming luxury apartment complex that was supposed to be built near her house.

But despite her protests, the project was approved, and she had to ‘deal’ with construction that made it difficult to access her home. After she disappeared mysteriously, her house was put up for sale.

When the new homeowners found her body, they were unsure whether she had been killed and stuffed in the wall or whether she ended up in the wall after an accident. Apparently, Cerruti had refused to sell her building to developers who were looking to replace old bungalows with modern apartments.

The 1930s-era two-bedroom home was the last piece standing among the new townhouses on Allston Street in the Heights. Cerruti was discovered when someone shifted a board in the attic and noticed a jumble of bones.

I hope she was given a proper burial and that her case was investigated to determine her cause of death. She was not quite the roommate the new owners were wanting.

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There Was No Way Out

A Redditor, by the username of NukeStorm, bought a new home only to find that it had a creepy hidden room in one corner of the attic. He was not aware of the room when he purchased the home but he noticed the space when he was moving boxes into the house.

At first glance, he knew the room was creepy. The door was around four feet in height, and it had a metal grate fastened onto it. Of course, he had to open it, and he came across a small weird bed, a wall with foam padding, and a single light. The room was exceedingly disturbing and had no doorknob; a clear sign that whoever was inside could not get out until someone opened the door from outside. Worse, the home was located in an area that is sparsely populated. Screams for help would not be heard.I tend to think that some past owner of the house had some evil intentions for that room. I also hope that is was never used.

I tend to think that some past owner of the house had some evil intentions for that room. I also hope that is was never used.

To Be Found Later

Some different, and let’s face it unusual, items can be found inside walls. I’ve spent time with family members while building houses, and realize that most things hidden in walls are put there innocently enough.  We tend to have at least one young child hanging around on our building sites, therefore I don’t find stories of toys in walls that unusual.

If you have heard stories of strange things found in homes or experienced your own unusual find, please share it with us.

Until next time.


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