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Scary Halloween Witch Masks-These Are Terrifying

Halloween will be here before you know it. There is one thing that scares me. Its not slasher movies, werewolves or even the Mothman, its Witches. Ever since “The Blair Witch Project” they keep me awake. I don’t know why. Anyway this year Witches are going to be a popular costume. I have provided a few scary Halloween Witch masks for you to make a decision. See ya Halloween night. I will be dressed as a ……..

1. Halloween 3 "Season Of The Witch" Mask

Trick or treat studios and universal studios  present the official "Halloween 3, season of the witch" mask. An identical replica of the mask used by conal cochran to kill kids on Halloween night. This mask was designed by the art director, Justin Mabry, and is modelled after several screen shots to make the most screen accurate mask ever made. View On Amazon

2. ugly witch mask

Old Hag Witch Mask. Let the fairy tale horror come to life with this extremely ugly old hag mask. Incredibly detailed and high quality. latex skin, protruding warts, toothless....well sort of, warty chin, elongated & curved warty nose. Scare them all & let the nightmare live on....   View On Amazon


3. Halloween Witch Mask

The wrinkled ugly old Witch mask is made of latex material. Perfect for a party, trick or treating or just to scare the in-laws when they have worn out their welcome.  View On Amazon

4. Deluxe Chinless Old Witch Mask

old witch mask

Looking for a great Halloween costume? Scare those little kids and keep the candy for yourself. Add a Witches cloak and you are good to go. Very realistic and chinless for comfort.   View on Amazon

There are my 5 picks for  scary Halloween Witch masks. Have fun and be safe!

5. Wooden Witch Mask

You wont see this anywhere else on Halloween night. This terrifying and disturbing mask will either make you popular or everyone will run away screaming. Quality latex construction. View on Amazon.

Thanks for viewing my suggestions for scary Halloween Witch masks. Have a safe Halloween

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