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Psychopath Personality Traits

psychopath personality traits

I find psychopaths and sociopaths fascinating. Don’t you? Their habits and actions are so intriguing that it drove me to study Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology in the past. I am a curious person by nature and I have a strong love of learning.

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Psychopath Personality Traits

Antisocial Personality Disorder

In this post, I am going to discuss some of the habits that psychopaths share as well as psychopath personality traits. But first, I’m going to muddy the waters a bit. According to Dr. Robert Hare in the Psychiatric Times, ” Most psychopaths meet the criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) but many people with ASPD are not psychopaths.”




Those people with ASPD have the following psychopath personality traits:

  1. Lack Empathy– “they have no awareness of how [they] come across to others, how to interact with others, or how to anticipate their [others] feelings or reactions.” (2011, Simon Baron-Cohen) This makes a person with ASPD socially awkward, negligent, and able to commit acts of intense cruelty.
  2. They Break the Law– for the reason above and the reasons below, they tend to break the law. Those with ASPD do not have respect for others or any respect for authority.
  3. They Disregard the Truth– A person with ASPD does not understand moral standards and “has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others. They often lie repeatedly and consistently for personal satisfaction alone.” (Psychology Today)
  4. They are Reactively Aggressive– Reactive aggression occurs after a threat. The brain of someone with ASPD leaps to threatening conclusions much faster than an ordinary brain does.
  5. They Have Rapid-Response Impulsivity– ASPD sufferers cannot control an impulse to do something that they perceive as bringing immediate satisfaction ( such as, while walking to the store they choose to steal a car).
  6. They are not Naturally Responsible– A person with ASPD will not be able to hold down a job or build a career because they feel that if they do as they are asked or told to do they feel that they are being controlled. As stated above they do not respect authority, so not only police officers but bosses too. Plus those with ASPD do not care about others. They only care about themselves.
  7. They Have No Remorse– People with ASPD do not understand that there are consequences to their actions. They do not understand or care about consequences at all.
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The Habits of Psychopaths

In this list, I am going to focus on the nighttime habits of psychopaths.

psychopath personality traits

As you read this list and inevitably think of different people you know, or know of, please keep in mind that only 1% of the population are psychopaths. I know I had to keep that statistic in mind, although I believe that I do know one. Here we go.

  1. Unusual Sleep Patterns– Psychopaths are generally nocturnal and have an inability to sleep.
  2. They Can Survive on a Few Hours of Sleep Only– Psychopaths sleep but only need a few short hours in order to function the next day. When they sleep they do so without tossing and turning and when they are falling to sleep they do not stress about their life and they do not feel panic if they cannot fall asleep. I am so NOT a psychopath just ask my poor husband.
  3. They Enjoy One Night Stands– According to Caleb Backe, ” Psychopaths eagerly seek out opportunities to take advantage of others and may even engage in several sexual encounters in one night.” This habit works for psychopaths since they can be charming, they are self-centred, and they are unable to maintain healthy relationships. Plus they have all those extra hours to fill when most people are sleeping.
  4. Their Nightly Rituals are Centered Around Themselves-Psychopaths enjoy rituals that make them appear “perfect” to others such as an obsessive level of exercise and personal grooming to the exclusion of others.
  5. They Can Be Creative and Productive– They need to keep their minds active and can be very productive with all their “extra time” that they do not spend sleeping. Their brains work differently and therefore the art that they create can be considered almost genius.
  6. They Stay Completely Focused on One Task– “No matter what else is happening around the (psychopathic) individual if it is not immediately relevant to what the psychopath is interested in at the time, it is disregarded.” (Dr. Gene Beresin)-(2018, Kristine Fellizar for

How about you? With these psychopath personality traits, do you know anyone that fits into the mould of being a psychopath or someone with ASPD?


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