Luminous Lagoon and Rose Hall Haunted Night Tour from Montego Bay

Learn the eerie history of Rose Hall Great House during a nighttime tour and take a boat out on the Luminous Lagoon during this 3.5-hour tour from Montego Bay. Walk through Rose Hall Great House by candlelight, listening to the stories of the ‘White Witch of Rose Hall’ while admiring the architecture of this 18th-century plantation. Journey to Falmouth, where you’ll board a boat on the Luminous Lagoon, a body of water inhabited by tiny glowing microorganisms. Round-trip transportation from Montego Bay hotels is included.

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What You Can Expect:

Glistening Waters Enjoy convenient pickup from your Montego Bay lodging in the evening, then board a comfortable tour vehicle bound for the Rose Hall Great House.  Once there, embark on a candle-lit tour of the plantation, built in 1770 and later inhabited by John Rose Palmer and his wife, an English woman named Annie. According to local lore, Annie was a witch and her ‘black magic’ caused the demise of her husband. She reigned over Jamaica’s greatest house as ‘the White Witch of Rose Hall’; you’ll learn about the spells, magic and hauntings of this historic house on your tour. Admire the restored home, complete with period decorations. Retire to the dungeon, now called Annie’s Pub, where you can purchase a ‘Witches Brew’, guaranteed to chase away lingering spirits. Transfer to Falmouth, where you’ll begin your second portion of the tour: exploring the Luminous Lagoon. You can opt for a drink and a meal in the restaurant before hopping into a boat to head out into the water. As the boat cruises around, the water is disturbed and the organisms begin to glow; admire an eerie light show all around the boat. As the fish in the lagoon swim and dart around, you can see their outlines as streaks of light, shooting around in the darkness of night. When it rains, the lagoon ‘lights up’ with the drops of water dancing on the surface.This tour of the Luminous Lagoon takes approximately 35 to 40 minutes. Enjoy convenient drop-off at your hotel after your tour.

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