Haunted Vegas Tour and Ghost Hunt

Discover the spooky secrets of Sin City as you explore haunted buildings and the former hangouts of deceased celebrities on this 3-hour Las Vegas ghost tour. Follow your guide as you visit the one-time haunting grounds of famous Vegas regulars like Elvis, Michael Jackson and Liberace, and explore several other hair-raising locations including the ‘Demon Swing’. This haunted Vegas tour also includes the use of ghost-hunting equipment and a complimentary pizza dinner.

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Haunted Vegas Tour and Show Investigate the wealth of haunted locations and ghostly presences found in Las Vegas, a city that harbors more than its fair share of dark secrets, on this 3-hour ghost-hunting adventure. Fans of ghost stories and the supernatural are sure to love this deep-dive into the eerie presences that are said to prowl the streets of Sin City to this day. Start your trip in the evening with a departure from the Tuscany Casino and Suites. You’ll first fuel up with a pizza diner and then be supplied with ghost hunting equipment including EMF meters, temperature guns and dowsing rods. From there, you’ll proceed with your guide on an exploration of some of the numerous haunted sites (some say there are as many as 21 locations) found throughout Las Vegas. On board the transfer to the first location you’ll watch a brief video about paranormal activities. Stop at a mysterious part of a popular casino where celebrity apparitions are known to roam. You’ll also have the chance to visit the haunting grounds of legendary Vegas mobster Bugsy Siegel, Liberace and Redd Foxx. Check out sites like the “Motel of Death,” an infamous residence where a number of celebrity deaths occurred, and the mysterious home of a former Las Vegas icon, whose ghost continues to prowl the property despite repeated attempts to exorcise it. Michael Jackson allegedly likes to make an appearance here!

Haunted Vegas Tour

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