Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour

Within our beautiful city lies a dark and sordid past. A haunted city built on the ashes of burial grounds, villainous murders, and deals gone awry. On the dark and dreary nights of autumn, the Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour travels Vancouver’s streets exposing the mysteries and forgotten lore that haunt our alleyways, homes, parks and hotels. Echoes of murders and other devastating events will fill your ears and eyes. Vancouver will never look the same. Highlights: 2.5 Hour Ghostly Guided Trolley Tour Haunted Virtual Reality Experience Police Museum Admission

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Spooky Night with Vancouver Trolley Several evening departures are from the Irish Heather Gastro Pub.  Prepare yourself to meet Vancouver’s restless spirits and see beyond the everyday. As you travel through quiet districts aboard your trolley, listen to hair-raising tales of murder and haunting. Journey to Stanley Park and keep your eyes peeled for something out of the ordinary. Meander through the roads of Shaughnessy until you find yourself at creepy Mountain View Cemetery, where you learn about troubled spirits and how they met their end.Haunted Vancouver Trolley Tour

Overcome your fears as you follow your guide to the Vancouver Police Museum and its autopsy room, where more than 15,000 examinations were performed. Do your best to leave at your own will, or you may possibly be the next to be examined. Hop back on your trolley to return before it’s too late. Just when you think it’s safe, experience a Haunted Virtual Reality Experience.  We’ve designed a personal experience that uses technology to tap into your dreams. Call it your own horror experience. Strap on a VR headset and we’ll immerse you in a world beyond your own imagination.

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