Not all Ghosts are Spooky, some are just Bugs: The Ghost Mantis

The Ghost Mantis

The Ghost Mantis
The Ghost Mantis

Phyllocrania paradoxa

See, not all ghosts are spirits some are insects. The Ghost Mantis is also known as Phyllocrania paradoxa and is a species with a leaf-like bodyAccording to the website, they are native to Madagascar and continental Africa. The Ghost Mantis can range in colouring from dark brown to tan, and even green.

Where Is My Pet?

Their appearance works as camouflage and makes the Ghost Mantis look like leaves.  In nature, their predators are insect-eating birds.  Their camouflage helps them hide from their prey as well. They hunt by sitting and waiting which makes me admire their patience. If you want to have a Ghost Mantis as a “pet” you will want to feed it flies, and small crickets.

The Ghost Mantis likes a warm temperature between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius is ideal. They also like a humid environment between 60 and 90% humidity is ideal. To keep a Ghost Mantis you should have a terrarium measuring 20 x 20 x 30 cm, this will allow for fake plants and places to perch.

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Eat Me, NOT

I am pleased to report that more than one Ghost Mantis can be kept in the same terrarium without a large worry about cannibalism. The Ghost Mantis is non-aggressive and generally quiet, but make sure your terrarium provides enough space for multiples.

The Ghost Mantis

The Ghost Mantis really is a fascinating insect with a unique look and manner. If you want to have one, or some as “pets” you should do more research and planning and you can purchase through a local pet store, or check out where they sell them for around $10 each.

Enjoy your insect and let us know below in the comments if you have one.  We would love to know more about them.


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