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Mexican Legend lechuza-An Urban Legend

mexican legend Lechuza

Mexican Legend Lechuza

The White Owl Witch also called La Lechuza is an urban legend told in many parts of northern Mexico and into Texas. The tales are numerous and most likely used to keep people from getting drunk and wandering at night, or to keep children from venturing out at night.

What Does a White Owl Witch Look Like?

La Lechuza is described as a human size (up to 7′ tall with a wingspan of 15′) white owl that sometimes has the face of an old woman. The face has large, dark, almond-shaped eyes. In some tellings of the legend, it is a human-sized blackbird. The consistent characteristics are that it is a bird that is huge.

Where Have People Reported Seeing La Lechuza?

La Lechuza has been seen in mostly the northern states of Mexico such as Chihuahua, Coahuila, Durango, Nuevo Leon, and Tamaulipas. There have also been reports of the White Owl Witch in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. The White Owl Witch only flies at dusk and nighttime.

the witch transforms


There are many stories about the motivation of the White Owl Witch. They are as follows:

  • She is a shapeshifting woman that is seeking revenge for the death of her child.
  • She is a shapeshifting woman whose child was killed by a drunk and therefore she hangs around bars waiting for the last drunk patrons to leave at night and swoops down upon one and takes him to her lair. The victims are not seen alive again.
  • She does the bidding for a witch, much like the familiar black cat. The witch will instruct La Lechuza to attack people and destroy property.
  • La Lechuza is a minion of Satan that loves to feed off of drama and heightened negative emotions. If a person leaves a domestic argument during the night La Lechuza will capture them and take them away.
  • Do not let your children play outside at night or a La Lechuza will swoop down from the sky and steal them away.
  • La Lechuza can whistle like a person and if you whistle back it will find you and take you away.
  • La Lechuza can mimic the cry of a baby, if you go looking outside for the baby you will be taken away.
  • If you try to kill one and you do not succeed you will die.
  • If you are touched, even briefly, by one you will die. (
Lechuza or a white owl?
Lechuza or a white owl?

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How to Protect Yourself from The White Owl Witch

You can pray. No seriously, one of the suggestions is to pray La Magnifica also known as the Canticle of Mary. But you need to pray it forwards and backwards. Um, no. I can guarantee that my mind would not be able to help me say a prayer backwards even when I had time to think about it, let alone when I’m feeling scared of the White Owl Witch. But I like this next suggestion. It suggests that you hang a rope with 7 knots tied in it outside your front door or porch. This rope and the knots show that you respect La Lechuza and she will, therefore, leave you alone.

 Mysterious Happenings in Texas

In Santa Rosa, Texas back in 1977 many people saw a large white owl flying through the sky. That white owl landed by the front door of a neighbourhood woman and began to scratch at her door. The dogs that were loose in the neighbourhood began to bark at the white owl and the dogs chased the bird away. When people awoke the next morning they discovered that every dog in the neighbourhood was dead. This had better just be folklore because I will cut a bitch that hurts a dog. Don’t even test me!


According to, some people believe that the White Owl Witch is a precursor to alien abductions. Some believe that owls are being manipulated by The Greys (the typical grey-skinned aliens with the large black eyes) to let humans know that some of us are about to be abducted.

Great, not only could one be taken away and killed by La Lechuza but now we should worry about alien abduction and the probing that goes along with that. I’m not enjoying this post anymore.

Urban Legends and Folktales are fun to learn about and re-tell around a blazing campfire. So, let’s keep adding more of them to our collection.


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