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Is Reincarnation Real?

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When you see the word reincarnation it might bring to mind Buddhist monks or Karma, but it seems that recently more and more people are beginning to believe in it.  Is this a result of the ageing baby boomers who are coming closer to facing their inevitable immortality, or are we hearing more about reincarnation as the idea of living more than once is comforting on some level?  So much for YOLO?

In this article, I will discuss the definition of reincarnation, tell you about some Doctors who have researched it, and will tell a story of a child that remembers a past life.

What is Reincarnation? Is Reincarnation Real?

Reincarnation can be defined as the belief that a part of you will live on after your biological death and will be reborn to inhabit another physical body so that you may live again. It is a philosophical and religious belief that according to Tom Harpur, over 50% of the world’s population believes in.

Doctors Research into Reincarnation

Dr. Ian Stevenson began his research into reincarnation around 1960 and would go on to spend more than 40 years travelling the world to hear the stories from children who seemed to have memories of a past life.  He wrote in a very academic manner and did endless research to try to prove that the story he was told actually lined up with the story of a deceased person. He was well regarded in academic circles for the depth, and accuracy of his research practice.  Dr. Stevenson passed away in 2007, and Dr. Jim Tucker M.D. has continued on with the research.

Tell me a Story of Reincarnation

The following stories that I will share with you were all researched and originally written about by Dr. Jim Tucker.

The story of Patrick, a five-year-old boy from the Midwestern, United States, was the first case that Dr. Tucker worked on with Dr. Stevenson.  Patrick had birthmarks that matched the appearance and location of lesions on his deceased half-brother named Kevin.  Kevin had been born to Patrick’s mother, Lisa, twenty years earlier. Kevin was Lisa’s first child and he began showing signs of illness at the tender age of sixteen months.  It all began with a limp.  

It took Kevin seeing three different doctors before a tumour in his left leg was diagnosed. By this time Kevin had a swollen leg, his left eye was bulging and bruised, and Kevin had a strange nodule above his right ear, that they thought might be a tumour as well. Kevin’s body was x-rayed and mass appeared at the top of his left kidney.  Several lesions were also found during a skeletal survey, and an opaque area developed over his left eye.  Soon Kevin was in an operating room where the lesion about his right ear was biopsied, and the doctor inserted a central line for a large IV in the right side of his neck. It was discovered that Kevin had metastatic neuroblastoma.  A grim diagnosis to be sure. Kevin received Chemotherapy through his central line, and radiation therapy as well. He soon lost the vision in his left eye, and sadly cancer took his life within a year of the initial diagnosis.

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Lisa went on to have a daughter, then a son, and twelve years after Kevin passed away, she had Patrick.  Lisa says that the moment she held Patrick she knew he was connected to Kevin somehow.  She had not experienced that feeling at the birth of her other two children. Lisa claims that she imagined a weight being removed as her long-held grief for Kevin was released.

Now here’s the really curious part of the story.  Patrick had a white opacity that covered his left eye, and it was diagnosed as corneal leukoma.  Eventually, it was determined that Patrick is blind in his left eye. Patrick also had a lump above his right ear in the same location as Kevin’s biopsy.  Patrick was also born with a dark slanted line about 4 mm long and matched the location where Kevin’s central line had been inserted. Dr’s Tucker and Stevenson read through Kevin’s medical records and found notes about the central line and its location.  Sure enough, it matches the spot of Patrick’s birthmark.

Patrick also has a limp, an unusual gait where he swings his left leg out. There was no medical reason for Patrick to have that strange gait, but it does match how Kevin had to walk after his leg broke due to his tumour.

Another curious part of the story is that at the age of four, Patrick began speaking of Kevin’s life. Patrick knew what the apartment building that Lisa had lived in with Kevin looked like, describing the brown and orange building as “chocolate, and orange.” Lisa had not kept photos of Kevin up and one day when Patrick saw one, he said: “that’s me, I’ve been looking for that.” Patrick also remembered going swimming at his Grandma’s apartment complex when he was Kevin and spoke of visiting a ranch with bulls. The ranch was one that Kevin’s aunt had owned.  Patrick had never been there.

Patrick has, over the years told different stories about Heaven.  He surprised Lisa one day when he randomly asked: “Do you know that you have a relative that no one talks about?”  Patrick claimed that he had met a tall, thin, brown haired, brown eyed man in Heaven before he was born.  That he was called “Billy the Pirate” and he had been killed by his stepfather.  Lisa asked her mother about the story and learned that her mother’s oldest sister had a son named Billy that was killed by his stepfather three years before Lisa was born.  It was his wild nature that had earned him his nickname of Billy the Pirate.

The story above can be found in greater detail in the book, Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives written by Jim B. Tucker, M.D. The book details numerous stories of which some are resolved and some are unresolved. Those are the terms that are used to describe if the research into the story verified the facts, or not.  It seems that some children begin to forget any past life around the age of five, therefore, Dr. Jim Tucker spends a lot of time speaking with and listening to very young children.

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To Conclude

Reincarnation means that there is another life to live after this one ends. Christians can have a hard time believing in it.  Buddhists believe in it immensely, and those that believe in Karma understand that it can bring you a pleasant life in the future, or one full of misery and hardship.  Any belief that encourages humans to think, and act in a positive loving manner is good in my books.  I find it an interesting idea that I might have the chance to live again and live better, to give and receive more love.

So, is reincarnation real? You decide…

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or beliefs on the subject of reincarnation, please share them in the comments section.


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