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Hottest Pepper In The World

hot peppers

The hottest pepper in the world is the “California Reaper”. It measures 1,569,300 SHU on the Scoville scale.

First of all, let me explain what the Scoville Scale is. It is a measure of the spicy heat of chile peppers such as jalapeno and spicy foods. A measure of the capsaicin concentration, an active component of chile peppers, it is what burns when it contacts skin or tissue. SHU is Scoville Heat Units. The unit itself is a measurement of equal amounts of sugar water. i.e. if you have a teaspoon of cayenne it would take 30,000-50,000 teaspoons of sugar water until you couldn’t taste heat anymore.

Here is an idea of pepper heat:

California Reaper– 1,569,300 SHU

Ghost Pepper– 1,041.427 SHU

Orange Habanero– 200,000-385,000 SHU

Chipotle– 5,000- 8000 SHU

Jalapeno– 2500- 8,000 SHU

Bell Pepper– 0 SHU

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Grow Your Own Hot Peppers with help from Amazon.
California Reaper
Hottest pepper in the world

The California Reaper is from the Capsican Chinese plant. It is red and has a pointy tail. (Like the demon it is.)

If you ever find yourself in a pepper eating contest, don’t think water will cool the heat, it will spread it and make it worse. Milk and other dairy products will do the trick. If you are cooking with powerful peppers always wear rubber gloves and never rub your eyes or it will be like you got hit with pepper spray (common pepper spray is 2,000,000 SHU).

Please let me know your thoughts on this. Do you have any questions? Do you like spicy food? Ever eaten a hot pepper? Any questions or comments are always welcome.

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