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Haunted Homes – The Sallie House Story

Whether you believe in haunted houses or not, the Sallie House story has many twists and turns and bumps in the night. In this article, we will delve into the history of the Sallie House, and some of the stories that go with the home too.

History of The Sallie House Story

The Sallie House is located at 508 N Second Street in Atchison, KS. It was built somewhere between the years of 1867-1871. At that time and for the next 50 years or more it was lived in by different members of the Finney Family.  Michael C. Finney bought the land that it stands on in 1866. It is stated on that Michael C. Finney died in the home on September 27, 1872. Mr. Finney left behind a pregnant wife, two sons and one daughter. The baby that was born on May 25, 1873, was a boy who passed away on September 29, 1874. The losses did not stop there as the widow, Kate Finney, lost her father Charles Kathrens Sr. in 1874 as well.

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One of the sons of Michael and Kate went on to become a doctor in 1894 he received his M.D. degree from the Beaumont Hospital Medical College in St. Louis. Dr. Charles C. Finney returned to Atchison, KS and worked in a multi-doctor clinic. He married in 1904 and moved into the house that was next door to his childhood home. He and his wife started a family. Agnes Finney was the sister of Charles C. Finney and she married a man named William True in 1913. William True’s life ended when he passed away within Agne’s childhood home on May 4, 1918.  About five weeks later the adult Finney children lost their mother, Kate Finney, when she passed away on June 14, 1918, in the home of Charles and Louise Finney. Remember Charles lived right next door to his childhood home. Kate was residing in Charles’ home at the time of her death as she was under his medical care for gangrene.

Agnes Finney True lived out her life in the “Sallie House” where she died reportedly at midnight on November 28, 1939. Dr. Charles C. Finney lived until his death in Topeka, KS on March 24, 1947.  After the death of Charles, the home was rented out. In late 1948 the family of Dick Mize moved in and for some reason did not stay long. We do not know who else may have resided in the home until 1958 when Ethel Anderson moved into the “Sallie House.”  Ethel lived there until 1990. The first reports of paranormal activity were made by Debra and Tony Pickman in the early 1990’s.  Tony was famously attacked and received scratches on his body during an episode of the Sightings television program in 1992.

The Pickman Family experienced many different strange and downright frightening experiences in the “Sallie House” that were documented or reported on by numerous media outlets.


“The Sallie House” got its nickname during the time that the Pickman Family resided there. Debra and Tony believed that the home was haunted by a little girl named Sallie. Some have reported that Sallie was a 5 or 6-year-old girl that came to the home seeking the help of the resident doctor. This most likely would have been Dr. Charles C. Finning. The year was either 1905/06 and Sallie either died in the home during appendix removal surgery or was misdiagnosed and died of medical negligence and pneumonia at home.  In records, the only Sallie known of in that area was actually an adult, married woman who had 14 children. So the name is a mystery, as is the story of her death.

Whomever Sallie was in life, the Pickman’s believe that she was warning them of the evil spirits that resided within the home. The Pickman’s claim to have seen full-body apparitions, flying objects, furniture that moves, items disappearing and reappearing in other area’s of the home,  strange animal-like sounds, voices, strange odours, and numerous EVP recordings that have captured male, female, and child-like voices.

The interesting and surprising thing about the “Sallie House” is that the spirits or evil presence become more active when people enter the home to investigate it.  The spirit(s) seem to enjoy being recorded on EVP, ghost boxes, and video.


So many investigations have been conducted at the “Sallie House” and many different electronic, and traditional communication tools have been used.

Some investigators have brought psychics or psychic mediums with them who have used ESP and other physic abilities to communicate with the spirits within the home. Many of them have expressed the opinion that there are demonic entities residing there.  Sean Foster has written the article, Secrets of the Sallie House, for where he lists the many different tools that investigators have utilized. Those tools include:

  • Digital Voice Recorders- regular everyday recording device
  • Laser Microphones- allows a laser to bounce off a window to record sounds from within a home.
  • Infrared Video Cameras-  works with night vision technology
  • Electromagnetic Measuring Devices- detects electric, magnetic, and cell radiation fields
  • Ouija Boards- see my article here
  • Crystals and Pendulums

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I encourage you to check out for videos recorded during paranormal investigations within the Sallie House. They are NSFW and contain some colourful language but they are interesting nonetheless. The Sallie House story is an intriguing one, to say the least.

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Please let us know if you have been to and toured the Sallie House. This one is on my personal list of haunted places to visit.  I may even be brave enough to stay overnight.

Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Haunted Homes – The Sallie House Story

  1. Erin

    Sallie House is on my list for places to visit the next time I’m in Kansas. I wonder if I would make it through the night or if I would leave with the tour guide?

    • Bill

      I think I would be hiding under a bed the whole time, I would walk in tough but as the night progresses my toughness would fade. Thanks for your comment

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