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Ghost Hunting Equipment-So What do You Need?

what is a ghost

Ghost hunting is a pseudoscience. A pseudoscience is a claim, belief or practice presented as scientific but does not adhere to the scientific method.

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Many ghost hunters refer to themselves as paranormal investigators. A Gallup poll conducted in 2005 reported that 32% of Americans believe that ghosts exist. The poll also surveyed 3 countries; the United States,  Canada and Great Britain regarding the existence of haunted houses and at that time 32% of Americans, 28% of Canadians and 40% of Britons believe in hauntings.

If you want to become a paranormal investigator or try ghost hunting as a hobby you should consider doing the following things:

  • interview the client prior to the investigation to find out what their experiences have been
  • research the history of the location
  • if working with others get to know them and develop a working relationship
  • know the strengths of each team member and assign them tasks that play to their strengths.
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The following are some of the ghost hunting equipment needed for a ghost hunters toolbelt:

    • flashlight you will be in dark areas and searching the corners of basements
    • notebook and pen– keep notes of sounds and sights along with times to refer back to
    • cell phone– in case you need to call 911
    • 1st aid kit you never know when a scrape, cut or bump might happen
    • walkie talkies you will need to communicate in real time with your team members
    • a watch– it is always good to know what time it is
    • digital camera– easy to transfer the pictures to the computer. The pictures can be modified to help see deeper into the spectrum to look for anything abnormal.
    • camcorder/video camera– perfect for documenting your entire site visit. The time should be noted every hour or so if the camcorder doesn’t automatically do it. As with a digital camera, after transferring to a computer, the film can be examined carefully for any abnormalities.
    • EMF meters (Electromagnetic Field) measures changes in the electromagnetic field. Power lines and cell phones can affect these so take the presence of those objects into account when interpreting the results of EFM meters.
    • motion sensor– a good one is “Mel Meter Vibe”. It uses EFM, vibration, touch and temperature.
    • thermometers-it has been suggested that paranormal entities can manipulate temperature and create cold spots while in the area or while manifesting.

The proper ghost hunting equipment will be necessary to assist in achieving the goal of helping the client determine if they are dealing with a spirit or entity. Ghost hunting has grown in popularity in recent years. Many people are joining clubs as volunteers in the hopes of seeing an entity. Clubs will likely take volunteers but expect to undergo a series of questions and you may need to have a criminal record check done by local law enforcement. A criminal record check would be necessary as you may need to interact with minors during an investigation and you could be entering the homes of clients when the client is not present.

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Another piece of the puzzle that you will need to consider if you are serious about ghost hunting is who should be on your team. Many, if not all ghost hunting teams include a psychic medium. They are a great addition as they can communicate with or at the very least sense any spirits that are present.

Click here to read more about Mediums.

I would also recommend that you have someone on the team that loves doing research. That person should know how to access local records and be willing and able to ask many questions. In other words, they should have a curious nature. I would also recommend that you have a tech wizard on your team that can make all the wires go where they need to go while having the ability to troubleshoot any technical glitches. Your team will need a good dose of enthusiasm, along with an ability to stay up all night, and the nerves to not scream in fear at every little noise, poke, or cold spot. There is much to learn and much fun to be had in this exciting hobby choice.

Have you ever volunteered for a ghost hunt? Would you? It is how I plan to spend a good chunk of my retirement. Hope my wife is on board.





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