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Fear of the Dark-Nyctophobia And Achluophobia.


What is it about the darkness that causes us to be uncomfortable? The dark can cause some of us to see things that are not there or hear sounds and believe that something brushed against us. It can cause a child to run up the stairs not daring to look back and an adult to double check the deadbolts.

Fear of the dark-90% of kids % 10% of adults

Do you fear dark places? If you do, know that you are not alone. It has been reported that 90% of children are afraid of the dark at some point during their childhood and 10% of adults claim to suffer from it too. When a child has a phobia of the dark it is referred to as Nyctophobia and the adult version is sometimes referred to as Achluophobia.

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It is thought that kids suffer from Nyctophobia have experienced trauma while in the dark or being put in a dark room has been used as a form of punishment. The child will then associate the dark with the negative time. Sounds logical to me. Some adults suffer from Achluophobia so completely that they cannot even get out of bed in the middle of the night to visit the bathroom because the fear is paralyzing. I feel so bad for those that suffer from a severe fear or phobia of the dark. I hope that anyone suffering from this fear would seek help. There are many different techniques used to overcome this phobia and live a fuller life.

Moonlit night spooky
Fear of the dark

The Dark

A fear of the dark is usually the centre of the best horror movies. Sometimes not seeing what lurks in the shadows is more unsettling as in the movie The Blair Witch Project(1999) or The Mothman Prophecies (2002). These two movies gave me the creeps. Anyone else who finds these movies more unnerving than movies that reveal the real monster?

I am left wondering if the monsters that live under a child’s bed (or in the closet) are always there, even when the lights are on? Is it just hiding deeper in the shadows? What intentions does the monster have? Are the monsters real?

The darkness has its own secrets as we all do. I know that I am always going to wonder what the darkness hides.

Cheers, Bill

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