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Do Ghosts Have Shadows?-Are Shadow People Ghosts?

Do Ghosts Have Shadows?

I found myself wondering if ghosts have shadows and decided to see what I could find through researching this subject. What I discovered was that ghosts do not cast shadows but a ghost can be a shadow. Confused yet? Sorry if you are. Let me try to explain what I mean.

A ghost cannot cast a shadow because only solid objects can do that. But a ghost can be seen as a shadow. Those types of ghosts are referred to as shadow figures within the paranormal scene.

Shadow figures or shadow people have been explained through different theories within the paranormal world. One theory I found states that if you think you are seeing a shadow figure that your mind is actually filling in the blank areas to make a shape that appears to you as a human would. Shadow figures are usually seen from the corner of your eye as a quick movement. To me, this theory is discounting the existence of shadow figures and explaining them away as an over-active imagination. Therefore this theory seems too simplistic of an explanation.

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Do Ghosts Have Shadows? Are Shadow People Ghosts?

Another theory regarding shadow figures states that you may see one of these when you awake from a nightmare or night terror. As if the dream state has not ended and the inability to catch your breath is accompanied by seeing a shadowy figure sitting on or pressing down upon your chest. This theory could be a way for our human brain to try to explain what is happening if you wake up with sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is when you wake up and are fully conscious but you cannot physically move. Sleep paralysis is said to occur in about 6% of the population and most often the “victims” are young adults. Scientists believe that stress and sleep deprivation can increase one’s chances of experiencing sleep paralysis. It is said to be terrifying and that sufferers often feel an unseen presence or even see a shadow figure.Do Ghosts Have Shadows?

Yet another theory states that shadow figures are demonic. This theory of them being evil relates to the dark and frightening feeling that the witness has when in the presence of a shadow figure. Often witnesses of shadow figures will communicate that the shape did not seem to be of human origins.

Click here to watch a video¬†of Psychic Medium, Amy Allen speaking about shadow people on her TV Show “The Dead Files.”
I hope you have learned something new today or at the very least I have given you something to think about. Let us know if you have had experience with a shadow figure or any other type of spirit. We would love to learn about any paranormal experiences you have had.


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2 thoughts on “Do Ghosts Have Shadows?-Are Shadow People Ghosts?

  1. Deb Rox

    Enjoyed the article. I recently seen a picture of a bright white object that cast a shadow on a curtain. I remarked I didn’t believe it was a ghost because of the solid shadow. The Ghost hunting organization that hosted the photo stated I was wrong. I believe I was correct and you validated that for me. Thank you

    • Bill

      Many of the smudges or dots on a photo are the result of the developing or they are fake. But, there are those others that have no explanation.

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