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Do Cats See Ghosts?

do cats see ghosts

Cats are amazing creatures that are fiercely independent, tough, and yet cuddly and playful. In this article, we hope to give you some information about cats that will be new to you. The history of cats will be discussed and so will the question of: do cats see ghosts.

Ancient Egypt and Beyond

We all know that it was the ancient Egyptians that gave cats the allusive egos that they have to this day. Cats were treated as Gods and somehow today’s domestic cats still know that and feel they should be still be treated like the royalty they believe they are. According to, it has been, 4,000 years since the first cats were domesticated. The ancient Egyptians allowed cats to live in their Temples and cats were worshipped. Anyone who killed a cat would face the death penalty.

Cats that died were even mummified. Those Egyptians sure loved felines. Other ancient civilizations continued the domestication of cats and cats were eventually taken to Italy where they began to spread throughout the rest of Europe. The Pilgrims brought cats to North America with them. The shorthaired domestic cat is said to have spread from Egypt and the longhaired domestic cat spread from Turkey and Iran. Cats appeared in India and then went on to China and Japan.  World domination was afoot!

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Super Powers

Cats just seem to have a sense of themselves, they are emotionally secure, and they are wise. As the Facebook meme says ” Dogs are like a 21-year-old, ready for fun and they love people. Cats are like a 45-year-old, wise enough to dislike people.”

Perhaps Mark Twain put it best when he stated, “If animals could speak the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow, but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much.”

According to cats will give you signals when they see a ghost, those signals can be:

The out-of-no-where poofy tail and flat ears. If you have seen a cat react this way you know how weird it looks. It is a strong physical reaction to something that the cat thinks is freaky, creepy, or bizarre.

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Do Cats See Ghosts

It is a sign that something humans cannot see is present when your cat stares at nothing. Okay, Kitty, you are freaking out the humans. What do you see? Have you noticed that when they stare at nothing “it” always seems to be near the ceiling? Veterinarian Rachel Barrack of Animal Acupuncture told the Dodo that,”When cats appear to be staring into space, they may be detecting subtle motion, as their vision is much more acute than ours.”

How about the mysterious bump in the night that you would usually attribute to the nocturnal roamings of your cat until you realize your cat is next to you. I guess that requires further investigation. In the daylight.

So…do cats see ghosts?

I tend to think that the clearest form of communication a cat can use is its hiss. That lets you know they are angry, or seriously uncomfortable with something or someone. If a cat is puffing out their tail, flattening their ears, arching their backs, raising the hairs on their backs, and hissing your cat could be saying, “I don’t trust your new boyfriend” or “look out for the evil spirit floating above you.” I like to think that cats would have our backs.  We are, after all, their employee and good help is hard to find.

If you have a sense of humour about the personality of cats you may enjoy the following book.

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