Devil Playground

Devil Playground

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The Devil’s Playground turns out to be a popular name for movies. I have found at least four different productions that go by this name. The Devil’s Playground is a movie from 1976 about a 13-year-old boy named, Tom, and the physical and emotional challenges Tom experiences while living in a Catholic Seminary. It is […]

The Disappearing Man

This post has me wondering if being curious about a subject can make the “universe” bring an event into your own life. In other words, “what you think about, you bring about.” Today, we are looking at just that with the story of Ambrose Bierce; a man fascinated with writing stories about people who disappear. […]

The Dead Body Under The Bed

The definition of an urban legend is a modern story of obscure origin (a friend of a friend) and with little or no supporting evidence that spreads spontaneously in varying forms and often has elements of humour, moralising, or horror. Also known as an urban myth. Although many urban legends are just stories these ones […]

Bloody Mary Ghost Story: Not Just The Cocktail

Let’s talk about the Bloody Mary ghost story, first of the history of the real woman Mary Tudor then of the game, and lastly the cocktail. I hope to share some information that you did not know before. Here goes. The bloody mary ghost story Mary Tudor was born to King Henry VIII and his […]