The definition of claustrophobia is:                        

An uncomfortable feeling caused by being in a situation that limits or restricts you; the fear of being enclosed in a tight space.

It is considered an anxiety disorder. There are a couple of causes:

Genetics- basically you are born with it and it takes a particular event to bring it to light.

Classic conditioning- events of confined areas eventually develop into a “disorder”. A child may develop the condition at a young age. Being left alone in a vehicle, accidentally being in an elevator alone or an older sibling locking them in a closet.

Amygdala- the fight or flight response. It is a very small part of the brain. It is thought that panic disorders and phobias are caused by this particular part of the brain. read more

Fear Of Heights Phobia Name – Acrophobia

I have a fear of heights. I am terrified of heights. I do not go over the 6′ height on a ladder, I do not go on my roof and I certainly did not look over the edge of the Hoover Dam on my Honeymoon. Ask my wife and she will tell you that I shouted at her to move away from the edge of the dam and scared the bejeebers out of her in the process.

I work in an industry with lots of ladders and heights and there are others with my phobia, I am not alone. Industries are very accommodating and from a safety perspective, they will not put you in a situation where you may freak out or freeze up and put yourself or others at risk. read more

Fear Of Clowns

Coulrophobia-Fear Of Clowns

Have you ever heard of a fear of clowns? No? Neither had I until the newscasts became saturated with stories of clowns terrorizing everyone. It was around September 2016 when it all began. The freaking clowns were everywhere. Small towns, big cities, in Canada and the United States.  You name it, there was a clown popping up. They were carrying weapons and getting arrested and things were getting out of hand. Many towns outlawed dressing up as a clown for Halloween. Now that it’s December 2016 the clowns are gone, no more anywhere. read more