The Printer

So this is actually a true story. I do believe in ghosts but I have never personally had an experience. I don’t know how I would react-excitement? freak out? run away screaming? I really don’t know but I’d like to find out…I think.  I get shivers just thinking about it. Anyway, this really happened to my wife and me about 1 week ago. We have 2 laptops and we share a printer. We had not used it for about 1 month.

We were relaxing after a busy Saturday. All was quiet when we heard the printer turn on. There was no reason for it to do that. It is a pushbutton to turn it on. It made some printer noises for a minute then began to print. We asked each other if we had left anything in the queue and we had not. It printed 5 pages (now this is the freaky part) on Psychics!! Yes, Psychics. So:
#1- There was no reason why it should turn on. Basically impossible
#2- Nothing was left in the printing queue
#3- The fact that it printed 5 pages about Psychics is a bit disturbing read more

The Axe-A Short Story

The axe swung through the air with all the strength he had. The blade was sharp, it had been sharpened only an hour earlier and it was eager to cut. He had fought earlier with his wife over something small, doesn’t matter what, it still pissed him off. He was mad enough to do something he might regret.

When a sharpened axe is swung at full force there is no stopping it. It will continue, ready to do its job. The axe continued down, sweat fell from his forehead and beaded on the now lowered axe handle.
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Feed-A Short Story

I woke up like any other day or at least I thought it was. Usually, I wake up in my bed not laying in the dirt in an alley. It was cloudy out and foggy and I had a headache. I needed to figure out what the hell was going on.

My name is ….actually I don’t remember,  I don’t remember anything other than snapshots of a bar last night. I was with a girl. Hanging out and she introduced me to a friend of hers. We were all talking and laughing and I remember he scratched me on my arm. That’s all I remember and I woke up here covered in dirt. The scratch on my arm looks more like an axe wound. Twelve inches of flesh opened up, now it’s red and greenish black. Obviously infected. No pain. That’s weird, right? read more